With the emergence of online gaming elevating the whole gaming experience to the next level, what added fuel to the youngster gaming spirit is the beginning of the new trend-‘live-streaming platforms’, with HD quality who are specially curated to satiate the unique requirements of gamers. Live-streaming has perfected the goal of aligning technology with gaming aesthetic.

Embedded with a unique concept which later garnered enormous popularity and user engagement was that the live-streaming platform offers to record the outstanding live gaming videos and directly post them on the respective channel. Live streaming gaming ecosystem includes innumerable possibilities as millions of die-hard gaming fans would spend hours watching gaming videos.

All the live broadcasting platforms curate unique content to individuate themselves from their competitors to carve out a unique space in the online gaming ecosystem. They are competing against each other to include major competition, tourneys, events, pros under their flagship to garner more and more users.

There is a legion of live-streaming platforms available in the gaming communities, here are few to look out for: –

1) Twitch

Amazon-owned; live-streaming platform Twitch has become a synonym for the live-streaming platform gaming platform. Twitch being content curator itself includes features like providing raw content swiftly while others offer edited versions of gaming and also provide streamer with rewards.

Twitch boast of innumerable content that calls out for huge users’ engagement and views, it is because of the reliable continual content variety twitch has instilled a sense of loyalty amongst its users.

Before becoming a live streaming platform Twitch was only catering as a video streaming platform where you can just watch and enjoy the gaming moments but because of the burgeoning demands by the users, it adapted itself with more polished features facilitating ease in navigation.

Recently Twitch launched its eSport directory, which will help to mainstream the content to its users. The directory will help the users to easily track and navigate about live matches and events, information on players, a directory of players, and many more.

,2) YouTube Gaming

YouTube Gaming is one of the major live game streaming platforms and carved a personal space that poses a threat to its competitors like Twitch and Facebook. It enables streamers and creator to generate good relevant content to generate revenue and increase their followers on their gaming streams through YouTube Gaming.

While watching the streaming, gamers can interact with their target audience through a chatbot. The videos provide end-end guidance to amateur gamers to advance themselves.

3) Mixer

Mixer backed by Microsoft is a streaming portal with a vision to offer the best gaming experience by bringing the tournament experience online and creating a community for gamers. It revolves around similar ideas and provides opportunities for them to communicate and make streams together.

One of its key USP is its less latency, which resolves all the issues of latency. Even though it lacks in its viewership but due to its amazing features like real-time chat, Co-streaming, real-time analytics, and statistics mixer will soon start attracting more and more users.

4) Facebook Gaming

Recently launched in the USA, The Facebook Gaming app incorporates gaming content, play options, and groups.

Facebook Gaming holds an edge stage over its existing rivalries as it allows to share streams on social media. It features a built-in function called “Go Live” which allows the users to directly live-stream mobile games without a need of installing dedicated third-party software or connect their phones to a PC.

Facebook Gaming is still in the inception stage, but with continual efforts of delivering unique content by imbibing new insights will surely help in acquiring more and more users.

As per reports in the first three months of 2020, Twitch boasts of achieving 65% share of hours viewed (3.1 billion), and 72% hours (121.4 million) streamed against game streaming rivals. Also, the Facebook gaming app bagged almost 554 million hours of viewing time, compared to 1.1 billion for YouTube.

By Tanya Mishra

A Writer 'All Ghillied Up' as a Gamer.

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