Recently, ESL globally acclaimed tournament organizer is considering to opt for two ways for hosting the ESL One Cologne in late August. In-short either to launch it online by segregating it into regional subdivisions or conduct a LAN tournament at a studio in Cologne.

What’s New?

Well, there are a lot of concerns regarding conducting a LAN tournament amidst the eerie pandemic. Travel restrictions are bothersome issues that can halt the ESL One Cologne organization.

As per the report quoting ESL source has assured fans, 

If it’s possible to run a LAN event, it will be a LAN event.” With certain countries starting to lift the lockdowns and ease the travel restrictions, the possibility is still existent.

ESL source

Also, another prevailing issue regarding organizing the LAN tournament will entail how will every participating (24 in total) teams will acquire a visa to travel abroad? Participating teams hail from all over the world and due to the pandemic, there is a possibility that many won’t be able to procure a visa to travel.

What’s More?

Now all the prevailing issue falls under the lap of ESL, and now they have to consider every aspect of conducting a LAN tournament. Also, ESL can any day switch back to an online format which will surely not ensue in so many problems to sustain the essence of the whole tournament.

Recently ESL has created a massive buzz, as they declared ESL Pro League Season 12 making a return in early September which is set to be played on LAN. Right after this news surfaced another exciting news regarding the possibility of ESL One Cologne to feature as a LAN Tournament has made it to the CSGO fans and enthusiasts. Indeed, ESL knows how to surprise their fans!

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