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In great news for gamers and gaming enthusiasts, Amazon India finally launched its Prime Games platform. This could very well herald the arrival of Twitch Prime to India as well very soon.

So what is Twitch Prime? Read on to find out more.

Back in 2016, the multinational conglomerate teamed up with the game streaming company Twitch. This collaboration added an exclusive and free gaming platform to the varying products and perks available on Amazon Prime.

Twitch Prime offers something for everyone, gamers, streamers, viewers, and developers. A free subscription with Amazon Prime is aimed at enhancing Prime’s appeal vis-à-vis its competitors. At the same time, the platform will empower the gaming community with better reach and services. In essence, Twitch Prime brings you the best of both platforms.

What Is So Exciting About Twitch Prime?

Twitch Prime

Twitch is an online streaming platform for gamers. It brings together multiple broadcasters to stream their gaming videos. Besides, the platform’s chat room allows community interaction among the players, viewers, and streamers.

Twitch Prime has positioned itself as a portal that creates an online gaming session just like you would have one in real life. Invite friends, ask questions, write comments, and enjoy a gaming experience with people from across the globe.

Most importantly, the platform welcomes both professionals and rookies alike. So, while a newbie gets to improve their skills, a specialist can flex theirs. 

Where is Twitch Prime Available?

After its launch in 2016, the platform was launched in all countries that provided Amazon Prime services. These included the US, Mexico, Canada, Belgium, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Japan, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and Luxembourg. There were two exceptions: India and China.

However, with the launch of Prime Games in India in May 2020, it can very well bring in Twitch Prime sooner than later.

What are the Benefits Offered in Twitch Prime?

While combining the best of both Twitch and Amazon Prime, Twitch Prime offers an array of perks to its subscribers.

  • Twitch Channels: With Twitch Prime, you get a subscription to one broadcaster of your choice. A subscription allows you to directly interact with the broadcaster along with other perks.
  • Game Content and Loot Access: A Twitch Prime membership gives you access to some selected games along with in-game loot for free. Partner relationships can also fetch you some cool in-game content on Twitch.
  • Diversity of Channels: Twitch Prime offers more than just gaming. There are multiple other channels for cooking, learning how to play poker, art lessons, and more.
  • Chat Room: The platform gives you exciting options to customize your conversation space. You can choose your color options and put a Prime member badge on your profile.
  • Storage Length: For broadcasters, the Twitch Prime membership offers 60 days for storing the streaming videos. This is an extension of the earlier 15-day limit.
  • Discounted Prices: One of the best advantages of a Prime subscription is the exclusive discount offers. Pre-order purchases come with the lowest price discounts as well. You will get the game as soon as it is released.
  • Multiple Devices: Twitch is available for many different devices, such as Mac and Windows PC, mobile apps in both Android and iOS, along with consoles like Xbox One and PlayStation 4. You can even find it on TV streaming platforms like Roku and Apple TV.
  • Wider Reach: One of the biggest benefits for game developers is the vast community on Twitch Prime. Developers can not only expand their reach but also boost their revenues by attracting potential buyers.

Here is a detailed view of all the features available on Twitch Prime.

One Free Monthly Subscription

Twitch Prime

Twitch is a platform for streamers to share content with the gaming community. In return for their content, streamers get paid through viewers’ donations. However, with Twitch Prime, viewers get one free subscription to support any broadcaster on the platform.

This provides a lucrative exchange for both parties in a way that the viewer gets access to exclusive content, and the streamer gets monetary appreciation for their work. It gives an incentive to the creators to keep producing quality content to earn more and more subscribers. Since the subscriptions end every month, the creators need to constantly generate content to retain their subscribers every month.

Consider it similar to YouTube’s subscription option. Instead of letting one user subscribe to multiple channels free of any charges, Twitch Prime offers multiple subscriptions at different prices with one free subscription every month.

What will you get?

As part of the Twitch Prime membership, you get a free subscription for any streamer of your choice. Of the multiple packs offered as subscriptions, you will get the $4.99 pack free every month. With this subscription, you enjoy a bunch of rewards offered by different streamers. These rewards may include exclusive chat emoticons, ad-free content streaming, and other customized rewards set by the creators.

An important thing to note is that these subscriptions do not work on an auto-renewal basis. This implies that you will have to subscribe again once your current pack expires.

Stream, Watch, Interact

Twitch Prime is a one-stop destination for all gaming enthusiasts. From viewers and players to content creators, the platform offers an array of features. Some of the popular features are:

  • Squad Stream: This tool allows a combination of four live streams simultaneously. Viewers can get multiple perspectives on a particular subject while interacting with different people at the same time. This co-streaming tool helps create unlimited action on the platform.
  • Clip: This interesting tool is made for keeping memories. It captures the 25 seconds before you click the Clip button along with 5 seconds after clicking it. You can also trim the video as per your choice.
  • Screen Modes: You can switch to the Theater Mode or the Full-Screen Mode while using the platform. Theater Mode gives you a dark-themed interface with the chatroom display. On the other hand, Full-Screen Mode removed the chat feed altogether to expand the video player space.
  • Creator Dashboard: This is a resource for the streamers. It displays all the statistics and allows you to download the software required for streaming. You can even test your streaming video before going live.

Diversity of Games and Free Access

One of the upgrades that the platform has witnessed over the years is related to the variety of games. The Discover section, in the past, looked monotonous to a great extent. With the likes of Dota 2 and CS: GO, it lacked an element of variation.

Twitch Prime

Today, the platform caters to a much broader gaming audience. The Discover section brings you a more diverse selection of games, ranging from Fortnite to PUBG. You can also explore all the games by selecting a genre you like.

Another great perk is the free games and loot. Twitch Prime offers you access to free games that you can keep with you forever, even when your subscription expires. These are available on a limited-period basis. Some of the free games offered in the past included the likes of Gone Home, Titan Souls, Drawful 2, and Deponia. You also get three extra loot copies for gifting to other community members.

Loot Drops

A feature that sets Twitch apart from other gaming platforms is the free loot drops. In addition to a variety of in-game items, Twitch Prime offers free loot drops. These drops include everything, from games and game content to rewards.

The mysterious and randomized nature of these loot drops makes them all the more interesting. For instance, there are multi-month drops at times that cover more than just one month’s loots. In sum, a Twitch Prime membership offers a high value for money by constantly rewarding you with something or the other in the form of loot drops.

Channel Points

This is a customizable resource for streamers to reward their subscribers. These are in-built rewards available on the Twitch Prime platform. Streamers can either alter these rewards or create their unique rewards, such as ‘pick my background music’ or ‘choose my next hosting channel.’ Viewers can use their points to pick any of the rewards that the streamer offers on their channel.

How does it work?

Users collect these points by watching a channel and subscribing to it. Points are specific for every channel. You can increase your channel points by watching more content on a particular channel, following it, and participating in various raids. You will also receive bonus points occasionally with click-to-claim notifications. If you have subscribed to the channel, then your points will automatically double. These are visible on the bottom section of the chat window.

When you watch consecutive streams on a channel, you are maintaining a Watch Streak. A Watch Streak gives you more channel points till the point your streak remains undisturbed. So, keep track of your streamers’ upcoming broadcasts to avoid breaking the streak and missing out on channel points.

This whole idea of channel points is an innovative way of keeping the community engaged in a meaningful way. It is like a reward system that incentivizes the viewers to spend a good deal of time on the platform.

Video Resolution and Stream Quality

For gamers and streamers, Twitch Prime is equivalent to entertainment OTT giants like Netflix and Hotstar. Therefore, the quality of the video stream matters. Many users consider the Twitch Prime stream reliable and uncomplicated. You will usually not encounter any repeated issues related to the video quality or stream speed.

The platform adjusts the video resolution as per your internet speed. However, there is an option to adjust the settings manually as well. This way, you can watch the stream without a lot of buffering, albeit in a more pixelated view.

What is Twitch Turbo?

Twitch Prime

Turbo is an advanced version of Twitch. In the simplest terms, a Turbo subscription removes the annoying advertisements, gives access to chat emojis, and offers a profile badge. With all the core features of Turbo along with many new ones, Twitch Prime is an upgrade of the premium subscription.

Therefore, those who have a Twitch Turbo subscription should cancel it and get Twitch Prime. This is a much better deal since you do not need to make separate payments for two different platforms.

Twitch Prime has replaced the Turbo subscription in most countries. However, Twitch Turbo is still available in countries where Prime is not yet active.

How to Get Twitch Prime Subscription?

Without an Amazon Prime membership, Twitch costs $12.99 every month. However, a Prime subscription will give you access to Twitch along with all the other services, like its OTT platform, music portal, free and fast delivery, and more.

It is really easy to get a subscription if you are already an Amazon Prime member. You can simply sign up on the Twitch portal and visit to link the two accounts. It is as simple as simultaneously logging into both the accounts for Amazon and Twitch.

Once your accounts are linked, you are all set to avail of the benefits. A great feature is that you can easily link a total of four Twitch accounts with one Prime account. However, the free monthly subscription will be limited to just one.

30-Day Trial

Another important thing to note is that you can avail of a 30-day free subscription for Twitch Prime if you are not sure about spending. This will give you 30-day free access to not just Twitch but also all the services offered on Amazon Prime. It is a package deal. Within the allotted 30 days, you can try out all the features on both the platforms to weigh the pros and cons yourself.

Balanced Overview


  • Easy subscription and setup process.
  • Intuitive interface and user-friendly navigation.
  • Wide compatibility with multiple devices and platforms.
  • Diverse content for both avid gamers and novices.
  • Free access to an array of exciting features.


  • In-game apps that you cannot skip.
  • Cannot archive videos.
  • Mobile streaming not available.
  • Not active in certain countries.

Final Verdict

Amazon is making great advances in a multitude of domains. From OTT and e-commerce to gaming and music, Amazon’s yield in the online landscape is getting stronger by the day. Its Prime subscription gives you access to a bundle of benefits together at a monthly or annual price.

A collaboration with Twitch shows the multinational conglomerate’s vision to provide its users with meaningful services and rewarding experience. Twitch Prime is a great alternative amid the fiercely competitive domain of live streaming and gaming content.

The platform offers great value to its community. It caters to a heterogeneous audience in the form of streamers, professional players, hobbyists, learners, and viewers. On top of that, it is not limited to the gaming audience only. With multiple channels showing content related to art, cooking, and more, Twitch Prime truly has something for everyone.

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