COD Mobile has been garnering colossal attention globally and will soon reach its pinnacle just like PUBG Mobile. Officially released in the year 2019, Call of Duty Mobile played a pivotal role in bringing the Indian mobile Esports community together. Besides, call of duty achieved with its groundbreaking record of 100 million downloads on Google Play Store.

An array of lucrative opportunities is offered to all the COD Mobile followers, thus bolstering them to showcase their skills. Also, with the official COD Mobile Championship approaching, many teams and professionals are gearing up for the tournament with their official roster. 

Recently, Paytm First Games Esports has struck an alliance with ESPL to host a COD Mobile tournament.

COD Mobile tourney Prize Pool

The COD tournament is for everyone and comes with a whopping prize pool of 100,000 INR. Also, the champions will be rewarded with 60,000 INR while the runners up and the 2nd runners-up will gain 30,000 INR & 10,000 INR.

COD Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile tourney Schedule

In an alliance with ESPL, Paytm First Games Esports declared that the Call of Duty Mobile tournament for India would initiate from July 27-30.

From the official announcement, 128 teams will compete in the qualifiers from 27th-29th July. After this, Eight teams will advance to the Quarterfinals, which will be rivaled on 29th July.

Moreover, a whole of 128 teams will play the qualifiers from 27th-29th July. Eight teams will proceed to the Quarterfinals, that will be played on 29th July.

These teams will also compete against each other and showcase their skills in the best of three formats in the Quarterfinals. Lastly, the four teams from the quarterfinals will proceed to the Semifinals.

Moreover, on 30th July, the four teams will compete in the best of three formats in the round of double elimination. Only two teams will continue to the Final Stage of the tournament.

Courtesy: COD Mobile

About the three formats

  • Match 1 – Mode: Search & Destroy, Map: Crash
  • Match 2 – Mode: Domination, Map: Standoff
  • Match 3 – Mode: Search & Destroy, Map: Firing Range

How to register for COD Mobile tournament

Courtesy: COD Mobile

The registration process is simple, and interested teams should proceed to PayTM First Games‘ website. But this competition is only for Indian citizens. Also, the Player’s age must be 13 or 13+ to register.

Firstly, the leader will have to register the team. And later, the rest of the players can then follow after the first registration.

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