ESPN Global, recently announced a gaming platform powered by blockchain to allow the competitors to deposit and withdraw using Bitcoin and cryptocurrency via crypto pay. Besides, there is an online Treasure Hunt also going on with $1 million of Bitcoin that is to be divided among 1000 winners at the Treasure Hunt, a.k.a Satoshi’s treasure.

This UK based company stated on June 23rd about the pre-launch phase of this platform to offer most of the popular games Crypto prize based mobile application. Also, for verification and excellent transaction, blockchain Technologies will be used.

Important details

ESPN uses crypto pay that is the specialist in cryptocurrency payments and would help make the process simpler and smooth. Users can join the groups and games of their choice to compete in real-time and yield rewards according to the highest scores. There is also a premium membership that is offered to get priority access to the slots and early access to the popular games released.

ESPN Global corporate Limited in the UK controls all the sports units that have their headquarters in Poland!

Official Statements

In a press release, Chris Parker, the director of ESPN, stated

How blockchain is attractive. As per the research is Sports, online gaming has 140 billion dollars in the global industry dominated by micro-transaction economies. Blockchain Technology will benefit intensely in this.

Chris Parker

Satoshi Treasure hunt, a $1 million puzzle game, the company promises Bitcoin wallet, which will be divided among 1,000 fragments for the Global Hunt of the prizes. ESPN also aims to launch an initial offering of smart game token based on the CRC 20 platform.

Lastly, Parker also added that with the start of the operation, they would provide SGT to all the registered players as gifts. Furthermore, SGT airdrops will compensate for all the losses suffered by the players and gamers and credited to the ERC wallets. Premium members will be getting double as that for the super contest and have their losses covered!

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