Esports Scholarships

The Esports world have always steered with an aim to provide scholarships to the students and gaming fanatics. And this year, they are going to accomplish this goal.

Today we are going to share a fabulous opportunity for you all. You will get to know everything about the UTD esports department astounding scholarship! Also, Sector 7 Energy, Glorious PC Gaming Race, and Pryde Apparel are the brands mainly supporting this initiative.

How do I apply?

Esports is looking for a pack of different factors to select the perfect one for the scholarship. 

Esports will consider trying out new students and team students for Esports programs for student-players. The try-outs will consider the GPA, responsibility holding abilities, and priority judgment of a student. But mainly they are rank-dependent. UTD esports department will organize the next try-outs in the next three weeks, and results will be declared next month.

The try-out process is open to incoming students as well as current players.

Note that Division III schools are not allowed to offer scholarships, but both the University of North Texas and Texas Wesleyan University can offer.

Esports coach Adler said that these scholarships would be helpful for the students in their academic journey.

It’s an ongoing fundraising project, and the best thing is that the money raised will go back to Esport. 

Pivotal details regarding prizes

The monetary awards are as follows: A-Team members- $1000, for overwatch B-Team members, $1000 a year. Overwatch as at this stage of the game, Esports don’t have a League B-Team, as Riot doesn’t permit more than one team in the formal competition. Therefore, the number of players is going to be less than it would be. This unbiased opportunity is the best for all the students. 

If you have passion, energy, and motivation to do the hard work, this is the best opportunity to try your luck in this UTD esports department scholarship program!

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