India and China’s clash on the Himalayan border led to the loss of 20 Indian soldiers and a wave of widespread anger across the country. To this, India responded soon by banning 59 Chinese apps for the security concerns. Also there were news circling that soon india will ban more apps.

More pivotal details

Right after the previous banning, India once again slammed china by banning 47 of their Chinese apps in the country. They also prepared a list of 250 other Chinese applications including Ali Baba and PUBG that are responsible for sharing Indian data over Chinese governments and violating the privacy and national security. 

These applications are sharing the data with Chinese agencies. Moreover, as the border tension continues, our Government stated that all the applications are a part of perilous activities that were harmful to the integrity and defence of the country.

About Section 69A of the Information Technology Act 

Section 69A of the Information Technology Act mentioned that the ban is relevant for security purposes and to safeguard the nation from emerging threats and attacks. Chinese apps are either red-flagged for security concerns or data sharing, but the main target that seems to be there is the banning of as many products as is possible to stop the Chinese interference in the Indian markets and the economy. 

Chinese Government responded to this that they are actively concerned with the Indian Government’s actions. Tiktok and other giants even came forward with the aim of legal actions against India for the banning. Chinese Government states that India must uphold the legal rights of international investors and follow the rules and regulations.

Official Statements

After hearing such a stern decision at the end of India, for banning 59 apps, the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Zhao Lijian said in a press release that,

China is actively concerned, verifying the situation. We want to stress that the Chinese Government always asks Chinese businesses to abide by international and local laws-regulations. The Indian Government has a responsibility to uphold the legal rights of international investors, including Chinese ones. 

Zhao Lijian

Soon the list for 250 apps would make its appearance too; however, the date is not yet confirmed by the Government. But, the applications will entail popular Chinese brands that can be offensive under the IT Act. 

Indeed, India once again proves that violence is never an answer for violence, thus taking this severe step of banning these apps from protecting our nation.

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