Mobalytics, a California based Esports analytics company, has recently secured $11.25M (£8.78M) for its platform. It is a well-known platform that provides automated coaching advice to the upcoming professionals player of League of Legends and VALORANT.

About Mobalytics 

Mobalytics is an online gaming assistant that examines gamers’ performance and weaknesses and improves their skills.

The assistance will assess a player’s abilities and presents them in visuals: talent evaluations, plan passability, data of opponents, and many more.

Mobalytics has over seven million players utilizing this service, which provides guidance and insightful information. Currently, an online assistant is available for Teamfight Tactics, League of Legends, League of Runeterra, and Valorant.

Coutsey: Mobalytics

Official Statements

Also, Amine Issa, Co-CEO of Mobalytics, talked about the upcoming steps for the company in an interview with VentureBeat

We set out to do the ultimate gaming companion. Obviously, we’re not there yet. We’re only in four games. But that’s where we’d like to be. If you look at the next five to 10 years, that’s the ultimate mission. Also, that’s why we raised money this time around is so that we can expand the team. Also, hire more engineers, get more product people, and get to that goal.

Amine Issa

He further stated in an interview with GamesBeat that,

I’ve always wanted a companion application when I’m playing, and I think of it as similar to Google Assistant or Siri, but much more narrow in its focus for your gaming needs and wants. That’s our goal. That’s how we’re a little different from the rest of the competition

Amine Issa
Coutsey: Mobalytics

Future Goals

The funds are Mobalytic’s applied for further extension and advancement of gaming assistant, offering more useful analytics and personalized data for its users. The firm also intends to engage and hire more engineers and new product experts in the upcoming six months.

The team also proposes extending premium features for existing games and adding simulators for the latest game developments.

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