PokerStars, a thriving poker website for Indian players, is known for bolstering the Indian online poker market from April while collaborating with Mahendra Singh Dhoni. MS Dhoni recently made a charming appearance in their latest PokerStars’ campaign, ‘I’m in.’

As per Dhoni, poker is a game of strategies in various responsibilities and is going to mark its recognition as a fun and easy-to-learned gaming technique. Besides, with his collaboration with PokerStars, he aims to see a larger audience for online Poker.

This sponsorship is a significant step to seek hundred, millions, and even billions of the folks and their interest towards Poker with the help of a known Cricket player and Captain M. S. Dhoni.

Details about the Campaign 

There are 3 movies available for the campaign showing MS Dhoni playing Poker with various professionals. However, he is always losing with all the three unique characters to exhibit the competitive nature of Poker.

Courtesy: PokerStars

In the first video, Dhoni is playing with a crazy mathematician, in the second video he is playing with a jogging Marathon champion, Usha Sampath, and in the last one with Bansilal Tiwari who is a weightlifting champ and a fruit seller. Also, these movies aim to show the acceptance and attraction of various communities across the globe towards Pokerstars and their games.

About PokerStars

PokerStars, India, comes under Sachiko Gaming Pvt Ltd, a successful online skill game provider, an intrinsic part of Sugal & Damani Group. In addition, it incepted on 17th April 2018 by Rational Intellectual Holdings Limited and its India licensee, Sachiko Gaming Private Limited. It recently penned veteran cricket player, Mahendra Singh Dhoni (M.S. Dhoni), as its new brand ambassador.

PokerStars India is a creative yet business-centric association with various famous individuals like Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Muskan Sethi, and Sharad Rao.

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