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Tencent Games through their PUBG’s official twitter tweeted on Tuesday, the announcement about their new upcoming E-sports Awards.

Besides, the poster releases with a pro league logo and the tweet read that they happily announce the release of these E-sports awards for PUBG mobile, and it will be releasing soon in 2020! Pro and professional gamers will avail great support from their fan-base support.

Meanwhile, July 14, 2020, also experienced a new version released in PUBG mobile games with season 14 live as Royal Pass Season 14: ‘Spark the Flame.’ With this season released, players experience enhanced fascination with newly unlocked skins that are multi-form geared, level rewards, and many more offers provided with the App Store and the Google Play Store.

With Tencent’s collaboration with Google, and released two types of prime memberships for Season 14 entries with rewards.

Also, Prime and Prime plus are the memberships offered that provide additional benefits like 300 – 900 Royal pass Vouchers and other redemption discounts per month.

With PUBG’s second anniversary, Tencent’s 14th season for PUBG has the return of Dragon sets and Dragon hunter themes of Royal Season 5.

Details regarding the Esports Awards

As for the E-sports awards, voting between the players will be live from 15th to July 22, 2020, with each player receiving ten votes per day. The final winners will garner the title ‘Most Popular Player.’ Also, the voting is split into six seasons for all the players participating in the PMWL season.

Apart from the title, Tencent games announced the prize money for the winner to be $2000.

Also, the PUBG Esports Awards will boast of entailing the innumerous array of categories and titles for professionals and teams worldwide. The PUBG Mobile World League 2020 is currently running now, which will last till 9th August 2020.

As per the rules of league, the teams hailing from the East and West divisions will compete for head to head for an enormous prize of 425,000 USD each.

Courtesy: PUBG

How to vote Amid in-Game

While the players during the game can select their favorite streamers all they have to do is click on the ‘World League form‘ tab. Then choose the region or tournament from which a desired player or team have entered for the PMWL, and then you have to pick the team of your favorite player, and lastly can vote for the player. After following the procedure properly, a “Voting Successful” message will display.

Also, you can review the live score and ranking, with the no of votes a player has garnered. Thus keeping track of who is leading with maximum votes.

Courtesy: PUBG

About PUBG

Well, PUBG is already a blockbuster with enormous fan-base with its addictive influence, and its tie-up with Google, many fascinations are on their way with Tencent games.

Not so long ago, PUBG Mobile released a new map- Livik map. The latest update is now available on both Android and iOS platforms. Also, the new update comes with an introduction to the new Livik map. The Livik map is the tiny map in PUBG and comes with four terrains: Desert, Snowy hills, water, and jungle.

It supports up to 52 members, and the match lasts for only 15 minutes. It comes with particular types of equipment and vehicles coupled with this new map introduce a P90 sub-machinegun, Mk12 marksman rifle, and Monster Truck vehicle.

Moreover, the team members will have to locate Experimental Trial Weapon Crates around the map to collect the special weapons.
The game also incorporates extra features such as the Bonfire mode, and a new Barrel Extender muzzle attachment.

Lastly, this is not the first time PUBGM has arranged a fans’ choice award. They recently collaborated with popular PUBGM streamers worldwide featuring Indian streamers like SouL Mortal, ScoutOP, HYDRA|Dynamo, TSMenJonathan, Rawknee, and many more to equip for a fans’ choice award event dubbed as ‘PUBG Mobile Ultimate Team Selection.

No doubt, these Esports Awards hosted via PUBG will open window of opportunities and will bolster Tencent reach worldwide.

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