Telecom Mammoths-JIO, Airtel to Mint from India’s booming Gaming landscape

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The unfolding twists of the novel Coronavirus following a drastic uptick in the online gaming industry, with numbers of gamers doubling. The sudden Quarantine and chillled to an inauguration of a trend of binge gaming to part ways from the despair and sadness.

With millions trying multiple ways to entertain themselves, they are now turning their head toward cell phone games, streaming for hours. Undoubtedly, the online gaming world will be feeling like the “King of the World.” 

Indian Online Gaming Statistics

Also, recently India is transforming itself as the biggest market for online gaming. In 2019, the online gaming industry worth was $1.9 billion in the Indian market, with the mobile game download rate clocking at 1.2 billion worldwide.

Just as mentioned above, the mobile games download rate is a 30 percent increase in India. India is firmly pushing towards value-driving consumption, with an enhanced focus on local development.

Telecom Giants: Reliance and Bharati

Courtesy: Airtel and JIO

Recently, India’s telecom Rivals-Reliance and Bharathi Airtel have joined forces with gaming companies like Telco’s.

As per BofA revelations that state, in comparison with other Asian countries, India still has to show a significant uptake in the online game industry. But there is still hope as they have shown immense changes and improvements to elevate their presence in the online gaming ecosystem.

Both Reliance and Bharti Airtel are on the run for promoting online games and increase their respective download & subscription, thus creating a never seen before the surge in the Indian market. They believe the gaming industry will open windows of opportunities and create a big market in India compare to the entertainment industry like movies, TV, and music.

All the telecom organizations are taking a big leap to launch 5G and fixed broadband soon. So, we expect cloud gaming to become famous and garner yield more profits. Also, many gaming companies follow laying breadcrumbs like cash and prize to attract more users. Users can use their free time and earn lucrative prizes via these games; this way is tempering Indian consumers.

Jio and Bharathi plan to offer different types of games. Jio focusing on more casual games, and Bharathi aimed more on esports.

Recently, Jio disrupted the gaming realm with its gaming app called Jio Games. The company is also partnering with Microsoft to bring the Microsoft xCloud Game streaming service to India.

There are a few instances and indication that predicts that JIO is more secured in the gaming world than Bharti Airtel. Also, JIO will soon introduce more advanced games that ensued with its current involvement with VR giants, Tesseract. In contrast, Bharti Airtel and Nodwin Gaming declared an alliance with the Airtel India E-sports Tour’s launch.

Additional Statistics

Gaming Landscape in India

According to the Bank of America report, “Ludo king” game downloading increase 142 percentage within Feb to April 2020. Already Indian consumers spend 662 million hours in-play games on their mobile; it is five times bigger than spending time on social media. Telcos are following the footsteps like JIO and will soon yield an enormous breakthrough. But they are planning to replace essential hardware items like a set-top box.

Also, PayTM launch their first game, they get an increase of 200 percent, user base, and the user can play anywhere between 30 to 45 minutes per day.

Lastly, Fantasy Games create a significant impact on the market, but new fantasy games are postponed due to this COVID 19 pandemic. Fantasy games players always expect new versions of games. BofA predicts that India’s mobile game download will reach 486 million by 2022. In India, gaming users in 2019 are 365 million, and in 2020 reached 409 million.

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