What MPL Connotes? A 101 Introduction

With so many Platforms erupting, still few of them sets an unique imprint in your mind. MPL does that for people. A unique platform filled with innumerable games that can make any day with your friends and family a memorable one.

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Indubitably, MPL is at its Zenith. Many users have now shifted toward this wondrous app. But what is MPL and How can we play games on it? Here is a 101 introduction.

With Indians changing at such a fast pace, they have a power that helps them strengthen day by day, known as the Smartphone. Smartphones can do many things, and one of them is gaming. In past years people who love to play games had no other option but to buy a console and play on it using external display devices like ‘Television’. But now in these years, the gap between console gaming and mobile is getting lesser day by day.

Gaming on mobile is getting popular every day as games that were mostly played on PC are getting their mobile version so that people who do not have a good computer can enjoy these games on their smartphones. Daily updates are making things easier for the players to play and give their feedback to developers of the gaming community.

Since PUBG got out for mobile, things have changed in mobile gaming. Who would have thought you could earn money while playing mobile games? Yes, now it is possible through a mobile gaming app called MPL: Mobile Premier League, as it rewards your actual money depending on the skills you have and how well you play that game.


Official Statements

In a press release, Virat Kohli, the Brand Ambassador of MPL said,

eSports brings people together and breaks barriers of age and region, often empowering and encouraging those who play it. I am extremely happy to associate with an exciting young brand like MPL, which is making mobile eSports so accessible to Indians across the country.

He further concluded after renewing his partnership with MPL,

I am happy to announce that I have renewed my association with Mobile Premier League (MPL). In just over a year, I have seen this young Indian startup grow and reach fans across India. I look forward to supporting them in achieving their goal of being the number one gaming company in India

Virat Kohli,

How does it works?

Mobile Premier League (MPL) is a skill-based eSport/ gaming platform that is very popular in India. MPL offers an array of games such as Super Team, Carom, Pool, Planet Chaos, Fruit Chop, Pro-Cricket, Tuk-Tuk Go, Run Out, Flipster, Runner No.1, Fruit Dart, Maze Up, Monster Truck, Bubble Shooter, Space Breaker, and Build-Up. All these games offered by MPL are based on the skills of the player as there is no chance of winning by luck. On the MPL app, you can play 1v1 battles with other online players, and you can join novel kinds of tournaments.

Now, the prime feature of this app is to earn money by playing. The games here are skilled based, so your skill can only win your rewards. In MPL app, the players are ranked as they perform in the game, rank keeps getting changed as your score improves. New games have a unique structure of rewards.

Three formats in which a user can play and win.

  1. 1v1 player battles: Some games can be played as 1 on 1 with other actual players. In this two-player format, the player who has the highest score or finishes the game first takes away the price.
  • Tournament: When you enter a competition, the user needs to score high to climb up the leaderboard. Also, the top scorers will be awarded the prize money.
  • Fantasy Sports: In this game mode, the user has to create their virtual team for the live matches. The real-life performance of the selected player will determine the points scored by the group you created. The users who have the number of points gets the top ranks in the leaderboard and are awarded the prize money accordingly.

Now, how can you claim all this prize money? MPL app is linked with Paytm and UPI to directly get the money in your bank account. It’s the user’s choice where they want their cash to get credited.

What’s New?

Games Under the Umbrella of MPL:-

PUBG– Who doesn’t love to defeat their opponent and win lucrative chicken dinner & win cash in daily PUBG tournaments

Cricket Prediction– As cricket is adored by almost a million in our country, this new edition is perfect for all the cricket lovers. This cricket prediction game entails users to predict runs, fours & sixes, wickets.. to earn lucrative prizes.

Carrom – Who didn’t spend hours perfecting this game in their childhood. Reminisce your childhood days by playing an amusing game of Carrom against other players and win amazing prizes.

Fantasy Cricket – Perfect for all the Fantasy cricket aficionado who wants to win real cash daily. Form your Fantasy Cricket Team on MPL and earn money.

– Fantasy Football – Fashion & fight with your own Fantasy Football team. Pick from the greatest of the clubs & players from Premier League, La Liga & more

– Rummy – Showcase your rummy skills and experience the live casino ambiance.

– Pool – Who doesn’t love a Pool game, this game is perfectly apt to showcase your talent upon other players at a set of 8-ball. Will you be able to guide the cue ball like an expert?

– Bubble Shooter – Fire and match related bubbles to remove them and score points

– Ludo – Throw your dice and employ a unique strategy to defeat your foe with our ludo online game. 

 Fruit Chop – A fruit swipe custom arcade sport where you swipe on your screen to cut firing fruits while dodging occasional bombs


Also, many gamers have earned profitable prices just by completing different levels of games on the MPL app. Recently, an MPL user, AJAY KESWANI, won a prize of 2 Lakh rupees.

He is a regular user of this Mobile Esports giant. He won many rewards after getting up to “Emerald Class” on the leader board for two games, i.e. Fruit Dart and Monster Truck.

Why to play?

  • Easy and straightforward to play games
  • Multiple Battles and many formats to select.
  • A golden opportunity to win real cash every time you play a match.
  • Refer and earn Policy, Invite your friends to play on the MPL Platform, and win lucrative prizes daily.

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