Collegiate Esports secures assistance from sponsorship marketplace, Uconnect Esports, and Cloud9, a North American organization. Uconnect Esports has also joined BMW, Microsoft, PUMA, AT&T, Playful, Red Bull, Kaiser Permanente, Twitch, Secretlab, and HyperX for the partnership with Cloud9.

About Cloud9

Cloud9 will start with several campaigns, including various community events online. These campaigns will continue for the whole of the Fall semester for the benefits of collegiate Esports. The first campaign by the organization launches as ‘Cloud9 LCS community events activation’. This first campaign features 16 of the collegiate Esports and several gaming communities from all over North America.

Official Statements

In a press release, CEO and Co-founder of Cloud9, Mr. Jack Etienne said,

How collegiate Esports is widening its territories and gaining the fanbase. He added that Cloud9 recognizes collegiate Esports’ potential and wants to help students with several resources and opportunities. With this, they aim to lift the hardworking students. Cloud9 is happy and excited to see the present generation indulging in Esports and its profession growing.

Jack Etienne

Also, the CEO and Founder of Uconnect Esports, Mr. Dylan Liu said,

It is a pleasure for the Uconnect team to work with the prestigious and most popular Esports organization, and they are excited for the same. Uconnect’s collegiate organizations show interest with immense pleasure and excitement to join hands with Cloud9 and work with them. Uconnect looks forward to getting new innovative, exciting, and engaging ways to connect several prominent Esports organizations for the benefits of collegiate systems.

Mr. Dylan Liu

Since it are showing tremendous growth, this partnership will add to the support and opportunities with several resources to benefit the students. Cloud9 has a broad reach that will help collegiate organizations expand their territories and seek sponsorships and support.

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