Google announces that the members of Stadia Pro will get five free games in August. The games will arrive by August 14 for their accessibility. The included games are Strange Brigade, Kona, Metro 2033 Redux, Rock of Ages 3: Make and Break, and the last one is Just Shapes and Beats.

Stadia Pro

Stadia Pro is a cloud platform offered by Google, and Stadia Pro membership costs around $9.99 per month. Yet, there is a new trend for a month’s free trial for the new joiners. For the free trial accessibility, one can visit and enjoy the benefits.

About Games

18 games are already available for the Stadia Pro members. And, these five games will add on to the enhanced entertainment. There is also free accessibility, as stated by Google. There is a list of games included for Stadia Pro. The list has Destiny 2: The Collection, SteamWorld Dig, SteamWorld Dig 2, West of Loathing, and a few more blockbuster titles.
Google came up with a blog mentioning how users can have a Beta version of State Share. This is an early version of features enhanced by Stadia, known as State Share.

Google also mentioned that users could collaborate and play with other friends and co-gamers. Users only need to create games and play together. For this enhanced entertainment, the players need to create a link and share it with people whom they want to compete with. They also added the release dates confirmed with their partner. For the release, on August 1, the Rock of Ages 3: Make and Break is there, and the rest four games expected by August 14.

Apart from these five game releases, Google also added a disclosure about another release on August 21, which is PGA Tour 2k21. Google also announced a new experiment on Stadia Pro to ensure game playing on 4G and 5G networks for mobile devices. Before this, the game playing was only available over Wi-Fi connection for Android users. And, this experiment will bring out a whole new gaming entertainment.

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