IEM New York scheduled for the conduct from 6th October onwards as announced by ESL. The announcement made on the Twitter account revealed the regions where the tournament schedules to held online. The selected areas are North America, Europe, and CIS, and the number of areas is fewer because of the ongoing pandemic.

About IEM New York 2020

There are four slots decided for each region. A total of 32 teams will receive invitations from North America, Europe, and CIS regions to compete in the qualifier round to qualify for the next tournaments. The teams will receive invites based on their status and stand in the significant regional ranking (RMR) point system. The finalization of the teams and the disclosure of the list for the closed qualifiers will soon makes its appearance.

There will be a tournament stated as the ‘Final Frontier’ where the teams from North America and CIS will enter the bidding and will compete in qualifying for ESL Rio majors. Thus, securing a good RMR point is a must, and teams need to excel in making the entry.

At present, five slots are offered to North America and South America regions for the majors, and the CIS region will also receive 5 births for the same. Also, the teams will be competing and qualifying for Legends, Challengers, and Contenders manner.

Prize Pool

There will also be an online tournament with a prize pool of dollar 250,000 for distribution among the three regions. $140,000 is there for distributing among Europeans, 60,000 USD among the North Americans, and $50,000 among the CIS region teams.

Also, a few teams are there as disclosed for the North American and CIS regions. The units for the European area remain undisclosed yet, along with some of the teams for NA and CIS.

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