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MTN Arena is the new offerings from MTN SA that insures competitive gaming into casual mobile Gamers’ lives with daily, weekly, and monthly tournaments. These tournaments are there to ensure cash prizes worth the share of Rs. 100,000 per month among the competition winners.

Competitive gaming with challenges and tournaments are a trend these days that boosts more with their presence in hyper-casual gaming genres. MTN has gaming, music, and a video content provider portal that includes MCN Arena tournaments too for games like a fighter, Star Wars Rebels special ops, Angry Flappy wings, quick and easy, and a lot other hyper-casual genres.

MTN Arena followed the recent launch of MTN Arcade, the new sub-station platform that is available for MCN customers in South Africa. Also, there is a fixed daily subscription available to anyone to have experience of entertaining gameplay competitions such as Pacman, Nova legacy, and many more.

Official statements

In a press release, Chief digital officer of MTN South Africa, Ernst Fonternel, stated,

In making prize tournaments available to the mass market in an inexpensive way, and without the need for large downloads, we hope to give our customers a new, exciting digital experience, whilst opening up the world of competitive gaming to users who would not normally have access to tournaments.

Ernst Fonternel

MTN Arena

MTN Arena is a partnership with Australian based gaming, online gaming, casual gaming competition, and tournament specialists, and offers user-friendly features. Also, all of these facilities are there with a price buy subscription and transaction to facilitate MTN mobile Money app Momo for hassle-free payouts and quick transactions.

Moreover, it is available for all the users from iOS to Android ones, including devices like mobile phones, tablets, desktops, and all for only rupees 3 per day. They also have daily, weekly, monthly, and weekend leader boards available to keep track of your winnings and analyze the gaming statistics.

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