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PUBG mobile is flourishing with several updates and exciting experiences that it offers continuously to the users. It has several collaborations too that ensure bringing the individual battles and stunning contents to seek a large fan base. On 7th August 2020, PUBG mobile declared a strategic partnership with Metro Exodus. Moreover, the collaboration aims to bring new events in the upcoming game updates.

Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus is an (FPS) First-person shooter game by 4A games and is available for all PC, Xbox, PS4, Google Stadia, and Nintendo Switch. Also, this is a horror theme-based game of the FPS genre set in 2035’s winter. Metro Exodus revolves around the world post-apocalypse, and after Nuclear War.

PUBG has several collaborations, and most of them are generally with video games or movie franchises on several platforms. Also, this new collaboration is a unique experience as it is with a game that has a large fan base on most of the platforms. PUBG gamers will have an enhanced entertainment experience with the embedded features of Metro Exodus in the most popular Battle Royale events of PUBG. 

Better past experiences leading to more expectations:

As PUBG’s previous collaborations with Godzilla: The King of Monsters, The Walking Dead, Mobile with Resident Evil, and Mission Impossible have been highly successful and popular in providing enhanced entertainment, PUBG’s fans have high expectations from the new collaboration too. 

Several characters of Godzilla and Resident Evil still get popularity because of the time-limited skins offered by the game during their promotions. Other collaborations with popular brands like Alan Walker, Yamaha, and Bape also offered a few rare skins and outfits to many players.

Moreover, users experienced new features embedded and the skins offered with the past collaborations, and none sacrificed with the quality and level of fascination. And, now the fans expect the same from the new partnership too.

By Tanya Mishra

A Writer 'All Ghillied Up' as a Gamer.

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