Raven, an esports apparel brand, secured the merchandise license to design and manufacture apparel with Call of Duty’s logo, and also the official logos of the franchise teams. Raven is a leading brand providing customized Esports jerseys and other apparel. 

The deal was announced along with the announcement of the Call of Duty league’s first two matches. And now, the first apparel from Raven will have limited sales focusing Call of Duty Championship weekend.

Official Statements

During the release of the agreement, the managing director of Raven, Sam Wells said,

They pleasurably announce Raven as Call of Duty’s official licensee for merchandise. He added that they have a lot in the store for the customers, and the T-shirt for Call of Duty Championship is just an idea of what more is to come. Raven has a lot planned to offer its fans shortly.

Sam Wells

On the backside of the new t-shirt, there will be the logos of all the 12 teams, and at the front center, there will be the design of the trophy of Call of Duty. For the Championship weekend, the leading manufacturer of Esports apparel will release new collections of apparel for each of the League’s teams.

These apparels will be unique in design and appearance for the individual teams to make their unique image and stand out from the whole league members. These League teams are still fighting for fans and will now get an individual stand with the apparel. Also, for these teams, Raven is not the only apparel partner as they have their lists of partners ready too.

Call of Duty

Call of duty league previously signed the partnership with the lifestyle apparel’s brand, ULT. ULT also worked with Overwatch League, and for them, they created several Night Shift collections highlighting several of the franchises. 


Raven also has another partnership with London Royal Ravels to provide their teams with the best and unique merchandise collections.

These unique collections of apparels will establish and support the teams’ fans and will help the teams discover new brandings. 

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