Esports industry is an enormous sector with several variations, including betting, competitions, tournaments, content creation, entertainment, and many more. For several decades, gamers have experienced enhanced entertainment and fascinations with several genres and trends in the Esports industry. Starting from PC and game-station based experiences to now reaching on to the availability in mobile devices, the Esports industry has taken a full turn with extra accessibility anytime and anywhere.

With the growing need and use of the products and services, the Esports market is experiencing a rise in the competition with several unicorns and MNCs focusing on the sector. Several brands come up with several facilities, services, and events and blockbuster titles to mark their reigns.

Hard- Hitting Statistics

There has been an explosion in the revenue and investment in the sector. Here are a few statistics of investment and revenues associated with Esports industry:

● According to Business Insiders‘ reports, there has been a revenue generation of 454 million in 2019 in the Esports industry. This expects a rise at CAGR 9% and to reach 646 million by 2023.

● Also, various industrialists and investors have made a total of $4.5 billion of investment in 2018.

● As per the Venturebeat, 70% of the gamers are between 16 to 64 years of age group.

● More than 57% of the viewership is for the Asia specific fans and Esports lovers.

All these records illustrate the full growth factor and revenue generation that is coming with the Esports industry.


From widespread engagement and attraction to growing investment and releases, several trends are going on in context to the Esports games and industry. It is the time when there is a need to analyze all the trends and use the analysis for global success in the Esports industry. It is growing and marking its success trends and pattern, a few of the top trends related to the same are as follows.

A rise in the Esports mobile market

Esports mobile market

Along with various gaming applications, including the hyper-casual, multiplayer, Arcade, First-person Shooter, and many more, have marked the territories in the global gaming market. In the mobile applications market, about 70% of the revenue generated is from Esports mobile games. About 50% of the Esports industry revenue generation comes from mobile apps. Several blockbuster releases like PUBG and Ludo King manages to attract a massive number of audience and keep people engaged with their gaming techniques and mechanics. They come out to be a stress buster. In 2019, between September to November, mobile Esports had 50 million live viewers, which shows the influence mobile Esports games have worldwide

Several innovations in Esports products and gaming techniques

Top-notch Esports trends to look out for
Esports Innovations

An array of developers and manufacturers are coming with various innovations and variations in the blockbuster releases. And, this ensures higher user engagement and audience for the game releases. From various in-app purchases to virtual and augmented reality experiences, it has various offerings for its fans. With every blockbuster release, there is some variation and innovation in the game that makes it unique. There are several differences in each game in the graphics or the consoles and mechanics. All these contents target various sectors of the people and get their fan base from the same.

Various sports tournaments organize across the cities.

Several giant Esports firms organize events and tournaments across several cities that host them. These cities get tourism because of these hosting, and this increases the revenue for the country. Also, several youngsters come up with various talents and skills to play these games and showcase their skill-sets. Several reports state that the event that took place by Riot games had contributed to about 2.6 million USD of revenue for Rotterdam.

Esports franchises benefit leagues as well as investors.

Having franchises of any brand or top title is a trend these days, and Esports is following the same to broaden its territory and attract a higher fan base. Franchises provide stability and benefit the teams as well as the leagues with massive revenue generations and success. Leagues enjoy the partners with close relationships, and this allows higher capital generation with the entry fees they charge for the events. Investors enjoy the earnings they make from the winning team or the capital generation of the team they have invested in. Whereas, the team owners enjoy the stability they get and longer terms sponsorships offered to them.

Demographics in Esports is experiencing a rise.

Top-notch Esports trends to look out for
Distinct Demographics on rise

Even though the youngsters and other people engaged in the Esports activities are males and contribute about 70 to 80% of viewership in Esports Industries. The number of women is growing at a tremendous rate and about 30% of the women involved in these Esports. Other genders are also exhibiting their involvement by 40% of their population involving in it. It is also revealed that the people engaged in these activities and gaming platforms are between 16 to 25 years of age. Other age groups, people are also involved, but these youngsters contribute to be the higher group.

Simple gaming techniques attract a broader audience.

Esports gamers tend to make higher earning than the other formal players. They get benefited from various million-dollar prices that various online events and tournaments offer. Esports gamers also benefit from the fanbase that they get to build because of the skills they exhibit in various gameplay events. They also benefit from the investors and other brands that need advertisements and promotions for their products as they approach these gamers to target a broader audience.

Virtual reality and Augmented reality are marking their positions. 

Top-notch Esports trends to look out for
VR and AR technologies

VR and AR technologies are marking their position and status with various successful game releases. They provide enhanced experience with better interactions and graphics. Also, the Augmented reality is somewhat relatable with added features into the real world, and virtual reality is all about new experiences. And, because of that, several game developers and publishers prefer them.

Betting is increasing with various online casino games.

The rise in the technology of blockchain and cryptocurrency ensures widespread user involvement in the betting games. Moreover, these games have secure payment and transaction options and provide extra entertainment with several casinos like experiences in Esports applications. Gamblers and game lovers need easy accessibility of the Casino games for betting practices, luck-based earnings, and casino Esports gaming platforms to provide all the Casino games through online access.

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