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9Stacks, an online poker platform fostering the poker lovers’ gaming needs, have recently declared that the Iconic Indian Cricketer Suresh Raina has been signed as their brand ambassadorPreviously, Suresh Raina announced his retirement from the international tournaments of Cricket, and now he will serve in engagement and campaign-related activities of 9Stacks.

In 2017, Sudhir Kamath, Rishab Mathur, and Pratik Kumar founded 9stacks, and it is now among the leading platforms for online poker games. Additionally, the company also unveiled having a giant user base of 350,000 users.

On the other hand, Suresh Raina is also a superstar Indian cricket with excellent sports skills. Moreover, he serves as an inspiration for the youth too. Suresh Raina has always been an all-rounder with his astonishing skills in left-handed batting, fielding, and spin bowling. With his increased love and admiration towards Cricket, he toured globally; and now, with his place in the online poker industry, he will play with the home-comfort and also at any time whenever he wishes to.

Suresh Raina will emerge as an anchor for 9Stacks, and he will ensure seeking a big fan base for the brand.

Credits: 9Stacks

Official Statements

In a press release Suresh Raina, said

During the lockdown, we all learned a lot of new things and I for one picked up playing Poker online on 9stacks. It’s a fun game of skill that makes you think and apply numerous strategies to win. I am thoroughly excited now to associate with the 9stacks poker platform and look forward to working closely with the brand in the coming month.

Pratik Kumar, one of the founders of 9Stacks, specified said,

Suresh Raina is an inspiration to millions of Indians. His skill as a sportsperson is a result of years of practice, passion, understanding of the game, and hard-work and this skill has made him win many matches for India and become the champion that he is.

Moreover, Mr. Kumar also added, Poker is a mind sport, and like any other sport requires skill, hours of practice, studying, mathematics and strategy to master the game. We are delighted to associate with Suresh Raina who can be a true ambassador of the game and promote Poker as a mind sport to a wider audience.

Pratik Kumar

Furthermore, with the emergence of the industry, there are more expectations for other partnerships and collaborations to soon pop out in notice!

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