Blizzard Entertainment recently announced a few more significant changes for the Battlegrounds of Hearthstone. The changes will showcase on the mode from 29th September 2020 onwards and will have around 16 minions and 4 latest hero characters with a newly designed ranking system.

Since 2014, Hearthstone is available for the global users for free and is a digital card-based game that continues being a popular title and a higher revenue generator for Blizzard. But, because of some generalized factors and fewer updated mechanics, the gaming experience from Hearthstone went a bit bland and stagnant for a few users in the last some years. Then with the addition of the feature of Battleground in November 2019, the users got a newer gaming mode with enhanced entertainment, and soon the new mode became the most preferred mode for all its users.

Battlegrounds features

The newer update of Battlegrounds features the latest tribe of minions, Elementals, and this assures the availability of one more card group for hunting apart from Pirates, Mechs, Dragons, Demons, and Murlocs. Also, the entrance of the 4 heroes will prove out to be highly successful with better gaming experience. Additionally, with the comeback of Firelord and Ragnaros, the previously weaker heroes as the more powerful ones, there is a provision of +4/+4 for both right and left minions; and, to unlock this, the user must first kill 20 minions of the enemy.

After the completion of 3 Elementals, The Tavern’s upgrading cost reduces by 2 golds through Chenvaala. Rakanishu then has the provision for spending 2 golds for equalizing the minion stats with that of the present Tavern Tier. And the Windlord Akir gives the left minion of the player a Divine shield, Windfury, and a Taunt before the battle starts.

Moreover, the changes in the heroes and the minions are not the only offers with the new Battlegrounds, but they offer other unique features too. The Blizzard also regenerated the ranking system for the Battlegrounds for better-ranked modes like the recent ones. With the new version, the players start with 0 ratings and reach up to 300 points in a single game. Once the overall rating reaches 2,000, the players can start losing them too, but every 500 points’ raise acts as a unique rating floor that does not drop further.

Another astonishing feature offered with the new update is the ability to determine the player that the user might compete with!

Official Statement

The details from Blizzard states,

Matchmaking will now be done on the player’s invisible internal rating, which we’ve been tracking since Battlegrounds launched. Internal ratings for players will not be reset. When your external rating is lower than your internal rating, you will gain rating faster.


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