Cloud9 declared EPOS (a globally standardized audio solution and technology) as their official partner for the Audio sector. EPOS delivers seamless and smooth audio experiences with enhanced quality-based services, and Cloud9 expects to gain a better position and unlock the audio’s power, joining hands with EPOS.

EPOS also has a partnership with Riot Games, making it an experienced entity in the Esports sector and services. With Riot Games, it is also the Oceanic pro League’s official partner, and it signed a deal with SK Gaming too, previously in 2020. It also exhibits enhanced passion for performances and driving the ability towards the development of gaming and blended audio equipment enabling digital athletes for the performance over their games’ top. EPOS has everything from single-player modes to the multiplayer ones and determining their superiority. It is the right choice for enhanced gaming experiences.

Also, Cloud9 has another successful year ongoing, and in the mid-time, and they featured LCS championship in Spring split Rainbow Six Championship, and several victories in VALORANT, and now introducing and welcoming EPOS to #C9FAM ensures intensifying the experiences and take them forward.


It is among the top companies offering audio and video streaming services and develops and sells the devices required for the professionals and the communities of gaming. Based on the advancement in the technologies used and provided, EPOS delivers the best and high-end services for video and audio solutions embedding technology, performance, design, and other parameters.

Besides, EPOS ensures the development and success of the business ventures Sennheiser Communications and helps them evolve in varying setups. It introduces a self-owned brand portfolio too and sells the portfolio of Sennheiser Communications co-branded as EPOS|SENNHEISER. It is also a recognized part of the Demant Group that is a leading one for audio and hearing services and technologies. It builds on 115+ experienced working years with sound and innovation.

Their headquarters are in Copenhagen, Denmark, and it has market setups with partners across 30 global nations.


It was founded in 2013 and has now grown immensely becoming a top recognized organization of esports across the globe. Moreover, It catered several championships in the whole of the gaming and Esports industry, has high viewing hours, and incredible offers and exclusive benefits and packages for the staff and the players. It is the best in all the categories and the genres and praises itself for the same.

They also fields the top expert and professional teams in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Overwatch, Hearthstones, World of Warcraft, PUBG Mobile, Super Smash Bros Melee, Teamfight tactics, Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege, and VALORANT.

Official Statements

In a press release, the Co-Founder and the CEO of Cloud9, Jack Etienne, said,

He experienced all that is built embedding Cloud9 services with EPOS. The excellence of EPOS has no bounds, and they always look forward to the innovations. Also, he added that they excitedly partner with EPOS and look forwards to evolutions and enhancements in the performances. 

Also, EPOS Global marketing Head, Maja Frolunde sand Grimnitz further added,

They explore the potentials at EPOS and ensures a new gaming dimension with robust solutions. He said that they are highly excited to work with Cloud9, a top Esports organization. He added how they brought 115 experienced years of audio services to join with Cloud9, and aims at enhancing the activities, delivering the top and best equipment and high-end experiences for every involved person.

Maja Frolunde sand Grimnitz

With the partnership, EPOS commits ensuring a provision of more engineering hours for technological developments and advancements and collaborations on these initiatives for enhancing Esports performance and entertainment.

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