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Facebook Gaming recently struck an agreement with Mixer, to help assist in recovering from critical losses of Mixer. Moreover, support it to compete against the top streaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch for higher customer procurement. However, FaceBook Gaming stepped back declining the offer when Mixer stepped back and voted for another tactic for ensuring its freedom for working and streaming according to its choice.

Facebook Gaming

Facebook Gaming has a significant portfolio brimming with an array of deals with several successful streamers signing agreements with it. But, King Richard might mark as the first high-profile streamer to ever sign such content agreement with Facebook.

King Richard started streaming on Twitch with The Elder Scrolls, and after completing six years, he is moving away from Twitch to explore new opportunities. However, it still is a mystery of whether other top-notch streamers will follow King Richard’s path or Twitch will maintain its position and continue exploring better options.

King Richard official cryptic Message

Recently, King Richard disclosed some cryptic and secretive messages through his tweeter account regarding the future he might go for. He stated in a part of the message that “The next chapter of the stream begins.” 

Following the tweet, an article released in Tubefilter acquired immense customer attraction. The article was an announcement mentioning the deal signed between FaceBook Gaming and King Richard. The announcement was a disclosure on how both became exclusive partners, and King Richard will continue streaming for the audiences via FaceBook’s platform.

However, no pivotal information has made its appearance. The only thing certain is the timing and date of the initial stream with the new platform, which is for 3 PM EST, today. 

Official Statements

Richard Nelson (King Richard) only went with a small statement describing FaceBook’s transition and the sole reason behind him choosing that. He said,

Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world, so it was easy for me to jump at this opportunity to grow my brand through gaming and original content significantly. There’s also a lot of flexibility with how I’m able to distribute my content. I’m able to live stream on both Facebook Gaming and Instagram Live, which is huge for me as a father. Most parents out there know that children can be unpredictable, so having the ability to live stream in different ways will help me be there for them when I’m needed and still grow my career in meaningful ways.

Richard Nelson (King Richard)

However, as for the twitter article, Nelson did not speak much and preferred waiting for the right time of speaking when it is time for him to go live. On the other hand, in a few of the platforms, he replied to the fans and their questions and supported his statements with a link to the new streaming profile made exclusively with FaceBook Gaming.

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