Lionel Messi, one of the most celebrated football icon, and Budweiser, the leading beer king, recently unveiled their long-term partnership that came into existence on 8th September 2020. Moreover, after reaching the zenith in his career, Messi still thinks there is a need to explore more; he is now celebrating his iconic position and globally successful journey. He has always been more determined towards his skills, goals, and teammates, thus seeking higher appreciation.

They Say

With the announcement of the collaboration, Budweiser released an exclusive film, ‘They Say.’ Indeed, one of the best inspirational content that highlights the arduous journey of the football star Messi.

Also, with the film’s release, there was a revelation of the release of an exclusive limited edition bottle featuring Lionel Messi. The label is precisely designed, and it exhibits the core values of Messi, the Legend! Also, an added quote mentions that: “life is about choices, sacrifices, determination and hard work.” These are also the specific traits setting Messi apart, and make him worth being believed and considered by Budweiser. Additionally, these traits make him stand out, seeking all the respects globally.

Lionel Messi

Indubitably, Messi has a golden football journey, completing 19 years in the same and being the top player globally. He started from Argentina and exhibited enhanced commitment towards the sport throughout his journey. He also aimed to be at the topmost recognized player across the globe, and working for the same made him pop out at the top in the industry. He also received most of the awards among his generation players, and his honors include 10 league titles, six Ballon d’Or, four European cups, six domestic cup victories, and six European global boots.

Official Statements

In a press release, with the partnership’s announcement, Lionel Messi said,

I’m excited to partner with Budweiser to share my journey that was based on a determination to be the best player I can be. Day after day, year after year, it took sacrifice and hard work to reach my dreams. Hopefully, fans around the world will find inspiration in my story to commit to their craft and never give up on greatness, no matter how hard the journey.

Lionel Messi

Also. Steve Arkley, the VP of Budweiser at the global level, further added,

Lionel Messi is a true icon and role model of his generation and for generations to come. His dedication and commitment to his craft reflect the same self-belief that has led Budweiser to become the King of Beers. We look forward to working together as partners to continue delivering on our ambition, reminding football fans worldwide that greatness is a journey that is worth the effort and determination.

Steve Arkley


Budweiser, too is a top beer brand and is often considered as the king of the beers. Adolphus Busch is the founder of Budweiser that initially emerged as a small-scale brewery in the USA’s St. Louis. Missouri. With the assurance of quality along with enhanced commitment, Budweiser experienced successful 140 years and emerged as a leading beer brand across the globe.
Budweiser’s football portfolio now adds another golden and iconic player of history, Lionel Messi. La Liga and Premier League are other top football leagues with their popularity across the globe, and these two, too, are a part of Budweiser’s long-term partnerships’ portfolio. Additionally, Budweiser is also a partner of FIFA WORLD CUP with 30+ years of relationship.

The limited-edition bottle

The limited-edition bottle featuring Lionel Messi is available at some top-notch bars and retailers across Russia, Spain, Vietnam, China, Chile, Argentina, Columbia, and India.

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