NEO, one of the prominent Esports organizations, presently participating in the competition of FIFA series of EA Sports, announces Nike and Outfitter as the new apparel partners and Paysafecard, a pre-paid online transaction provider, as the primary partner.

Sources unveiled that Weirather Wentzel & Partner initiated the partnership deal between NEO and Paysafecard with an aim for the activities of online branding across social media platforms.

A release also unveiled that Outfitters initiated the exclusive deal and collaboration between Nike, Outfitter, and NEO. And with this collaboration, apart from the Nike featuring jerseys of FIFA Esports of 2020-21, Nike will also be the lead producer of the other branded products for NEO.

The Apparel deal:

Releases about the partnership announced that Outfitters, an apparel retailer of sports, including Football, and based out of Germany, will be the “lead implementer for the individualization and refinement of NEO’s team wear.”

Official Statements

In one of the releases, Outfitter’s Head of Marketing, Thomas Bohner commented about the deal, specifying,

We had to take the opportunity to work together with NEO and Nike on this exciting project. We learned a lot in our first year in esports, especially how the look and feel of jerseys and merchandising pieces have to look like to catch the minds and hearts of the community. NEO is extremely innovative and wants to break new ground, which fits perfectly with our thinking. As a team sports specialist, we are looking forward to the individual finishing of the Nike jerseys for the coming season as well as the development of an exclusive merchandising collection hand in hand with the boys.

Thomas Bohner

Furthermore, The NEO’s manager, Dan Woods also added to the release,

After our first season with a lot of sportive success, we were very meticulous in our search for the right partner for sportswear, fashion, and merchandising, and found them in the duo of the two companies: Outfitter and Nike!

We are very pleased that we were able to win Nike as a supplier through the partnership with Outfitter – the jerseys for the coming season are very impressive and will certainly be well received by the FIFA community. The Outfitters has proven time and again in classical sports, but also in esports, how individually, flexibly, and precisely to the wishes and specifications of the respective partners. Having these two companies on our side means a lot to us.

The Transaction deal:

The NEO’s Manager, Dan Woods, commented on the deal between NEO and Paysafe card,

It is a great pleasure to finally present our main partner at the beginning of the new season. The talks with those responsible at Paysafecard were very target-oriented and straightforward right from the start. The cooperation will generate much excitement, especially in the digital space. Paysafecard is experienced in esports, which makes all of the discussions about content, activations, and so on extremely creative. From our side, we are focused on playing a very good sports season with the new line-up and feeding our community on social media with high-quality content. I’m sure that with such a team and such a partner the new season will bring a lot of good things for us!

Dan Woods

Additionally, the Director and EEA CEO of Paysafe Prepaid Service at Paysafe Group, Konstantinos Maragkakis, also added his views about the deal, specifying,

Paysafecard connection to esports has been anchored in our DNA since our company was founded 20 years ago. Our mission is to provide gaming enthusiasts with an eCash payment solution that is as safe and easy to use as cash. Our partnership with NEO, such a young and ambitious team, is an essential part of our strategy and in this case, the in-game brand placement will help us further connect with our customers and demonstrate our commitment to esports.

Konstantinos Maragkakis

Other Deals of the involved entities

Apart from the current association with NEO, Outfitters has other Esports teams of FIFA, FOKUS CLAN as a partner too. However, Nike, on the other hand, has exclusive partnership collaborations with multiple teams, including, SK Gaming, League of Legends Pro League (LPL) of China, T1, and Vodafone Giants.

Additionally, NEO also revealed a roster anchored for FIFA by a famous ex-champion of the world, Spencer “Gorilla” Ealing, and a newly designed kit. Furthermore, NEO aims at expanding its partnership portfolio and get more prominent firms as the collaborators.

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