Playerzpot, a fantasy Esports gaming platform, has roped in top-notch cricketers like Smriti Mandhana and Bhuvneshwar Kumar as their Brand Ambassadors. However, the deal aims at ensuring enhanced promotions for Playerzpot with engaging activities, and with this, both the cricketers will stay as the face of Playerzpot’s campaigns.


Mitesh Gangar and Yogesh Doiphode founded Playerzpot in 2015, and with its release and emergence as a popular platform, it came out to be an exciting platform in the gaming sector. In addition, Playerzpot has more than 2 million users, and it seeks a big fan base with the availability of thrilling and fascinating games that work seamlessly and faster.

Statements of the parties involved

The founder of Playerzpot, Yogesh Doiphode, welcomed the famous crickets and exhibited his excitement and saids,

We are happy to welcome the two cricketing greats, Smriti Mandhana and Bhuvneshwar Kumar to the Playerzpot family. It is the beginning of a new inning for the company, and we hope to grow aggressively in the Fantasy Gaming arena. Also, Cricket is the game that fuels the interest of Indians at large. We are looking to catch the interest of gaming enthusiasts who are looking for innovative and exciting ways to emulate their favorite sporting icons.

Yogesh Doiphode

Adding his views on the association, the co-founder of Playerzpot, Mitesh Gangar, commented that

A new era is being heralded with the addition of Smriti Mandhana and Bhuvneshwar Kumar in our company. As we aim to surge and strengthen our leadership position in the online Sports-Gaming industry, I believe bringing the iconic players as the face to the brand will resonate with the fans of cricket and gaming. Playerzpot is a beautiful concoction of excitement and thrill of real-world sports and fantasy gaming, which allows the players to experience the game on a different level. In addition, Our vision is to become a one-point gaming destination in India in the skill segment game, and we are confident about the bright future of this segment.

Mitesh Gangar

Official statements (Brand Ambassador)

The legendary cricketer Bhuvneshwar Kumar further added,

I am a huge cricket fan myself, and I believe fantasy gaming is a growing trend amongst all the country’s gaming enthusiasts. I could associate with Playerzpot instantly, and I believe it is the best fantasy gaming site today. Moreover, This is not just for entertainment but the skill-based gaming platform that offers first-hand experience and helps learn fantasy gaming. I am overly excited to be a part of their journey, and it will be another opportunity for me to engage with the fans, players, and sports aficionados.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar

Furthermore, the praised prodigy Smriti Mandhana said,

The pandemic had restricted the sports spectator’s thrill limited just to their screens and what better way than Fantasy gaming sites like Playerzpot to feel the real groove. Also, I believe that Playerzpot is a great platform that gets the fans closer to the game and brings out that connect between the game and sports fans well. I am thrilled to be associated with a brand ambassador with this unique and fast-growing company.

Smriti Mandhana

The end-line

The coming months will be vital for the company’s growth and success and mark its position and status in the gaming market. This is the time for higher customer acquisition too. Moreover, Playerzpot is a leading company that provides fantasy games like football, kabaddi, cricket leagues and tournaments, and users can be involved with them for real money winning.

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