PUBG Corporation and Reliance Jio enter into discussions to bring PUBG back in India, as unveiled by the sources. There are more revelations that it is just the beginning of the ongoing talks, and both the companies work on their terms and associative discussions to come up with the right deal.

Previously, with the rising tensions between China and India, the Indian government abruptly reacted by banning many Chinese apps, considering them harassing the nation’s security terms. The Indian government also banned PUBG under 69A of the IT Act, citing: “it engages in the activities that are prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity, security and defense of the country.” Soon after the banning, the PUBG Corporation announced taking back the distribution rights from Tencent for India’s regions. And with this, the PUBG Corporation disclosed publishing the mobile games on its own.

PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lit

As for now, PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite are unavailable on Apple App Store and Google Play store. For the users who already have the app installed in their phones, the game is unable to acquire the port allocation if connecting with the Indian ISP. Now, to get back the earned position in the Indian gaming market, the PUBG Corporation is reaching out to Indian companies and firms to join hands and let the game enter back in India.

Additionally, for the ongoing talks, the sources also revealed that the legal teams of both Reliance JIO and PUBG Corporation are working on the revenue splitting and more details of the deal planning. Moreover, the present possibilities state that either there might be a 50-50 split between both the firms or that Reliance might guarantee revenue from at least a fixed amount of Indian users monthly, for the PUBG Corporation.

Official Statements

Since this is the initial stage of the talks, there might not be any finalizations of any deal if things do not go well. Or, if everything turns out to be fruitful, then this might be one of the best deals for Reliance Jio to enter the gaming industry and extend its aura.

Also, gaming has already been a target for Reliance Jio, and the chairman Mukesh Ambani also stated during the talks with Satya Nadella (the chief executive officer of Microsoft): 

Gaming will be bigger than music, movies and television shows put together, and that it has huge potential to grow in India.

After the Microsoft’s deal with Reliance JIO for launching the new xCloud game streaming across India, another one with PUBG Corporation (if finalized) will be immensely fruitful for Reliance JIO.

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