PUBG Corporation, amid all the chaos, have formulated a new tactic of severing all the ties with Tencent for PUBG Mobile in India. This strategy intends to successfully acquire its previous glory days in the Indian Esports and gaming market.

With the growing tension between Indian and Chinese military troops, the Indian government banned multiple Chinese apps from gaming ones to the utility apps, considering them a threat to the citizen’s privacy and security. The top-notch apps, including PUBG Mobile and Tiktok, related to China, got banned from the nation as they were into shady tactics of wrong mechanics and sharing users’ data for wicked purposes.

About the other Apps

Tiktok earlier incurred the highest loss of 6 billion USD with the first slot of banning of around 59 apps directly or indirectly related to China. However, the second slot of banning 116 apps caused an immense loss for Tencent of approximately 34 billion USD and a massive user base loss for PUBG Corporation

Following the Indian government’s decision on PUBG Ban, Tencent Games (PUBG Mobile’s publisher) strategized a negotiation with Indian higher authorities. They called for discussing and resolving the matter with the best possible solution for PUBG. Tencent Games aimed to acquire back the position and stand in Indian Esports and gaming market and make the apps available across the nation.

PUBG Corporation, on the other hand, has some different plans now! 

PUBG Corporation Next Move

Amid the ongoing scenario of rising disputes, PUBG Corporation has chosen to save its market and user base. With the same objective, it came up with a decision to take over the PUBG Mobile franchise from Tencent Games across India. It revealed the decision on Monday for taking over all the publishing rights and responsibilities from Tencent Games in India. 

With the changing roles and rights, PUBG Corporation divulged, aiming to assure a unique and secure PUBG gaming experience exclusively in India. It is also committed to accomplishing the fascinating experiences and the sustainable development of a localized healthy gaming environment for PUBG gamers across the nation.

Krafton game union of South Korea and PUBG Corporation are the subsidiaries. PUBG Corporation is an internal gaming brand, and it is a developer and publisher of console and PC based PUBG Games. Still, PUBG Mobile Lite and PUBG Mobile were created collaborating with the Tencent games. And to reach back to the Indian fans, the other two will also be now ensured only by PUBG Corporation, without any collaboration in development and publishing.

Exploring New Ideas

PUBG Corporation not only decided on getting PUBG Mobile’s franchise in India back from the Tencent games, but it is also exploring new opportunities and ideas for coming up with the latest and unique ways to ensure immense engagement with the gaming communities in India. Additionally, it aims at organizing several Esports and community-based events with several regional activities.

PUBG Corporation and Indian Government

PUBG Corporation also vocalized that they understand the government’s decision and respect the measures for ensuring citizens’ privacy and security, and even considered the same to be its priority. 

It aims to work with the government to find the best solutions for the Indian players to drop into the battlegrounds again while ensuring the country’s rules and regulations. It added that it actively works towards developing and publishing the PUBG games for several platforms for guaranteeing the best gameplay experiences for the gaming folks across the globe.

By Tanya Mishra

A Writer 'All Ghillied Up' as a Gamer.

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