Rooter, a leading gaming platform backed by Paytm and LeAD, announced a new strategic and partnership with a prominent AI company of North America, Stradigi AI, on 7th September 2020. The partnership will ensure augmentation, an improvised news feed, and an advanced user experience for Rooter, embedded with billions of unique and profound data points from Stradigi.

About Rooter

Rooter is one of the top gaming communities across India. It ensures gaming and sports-based content through its platform for online access, which focuses more on video, streaming, sports, and voice factors. This was recently launched in 2016, and since then, it has increased, and this growth enhanced with the launch of its live game streaming. It aims at connecting the global sports fans soon, and till now reported acquiring 5 million + users.

About Stradigi

Stradigi, on the other hand, is a leading AI provider firm, based out of a Canadian city, Montreal. Stradigi commits to ensuring business transformation through easily implemented and smart AI-based solutions

A spokesperson from Rooter stated that,

A superior data analytics service is a must to gain user insights accurately. As mentioned, Rooter acquired enormous data, but infrastructural and experience-based shortages across AI and ML hinders from the implementation of applications exclusive powered by data technologies. 

He further added that having this partnership with a top AI-based service provider like Stradigi ensures empowering the data utilization and improvise various factors, including personalized content and products. This will also ensure interactive content of exclusive quality and provide prediction models for the generation of fantasy teams and enhanced user experience for all the users.

Rooter’s spokesperson

Accessing the Kepler AI platform of Stradigi will ensure the accelerated creation of ML-driven exclusive features for Rooter and its gaming and sports industry. It will also provide an enhanced and improvised UX with the help of the best predictive capabilities, both for the fantasy contents and the match plays. Analyzing the fans’ preferences and performances will drive Rooter to become the leading content provider source for the fantasy sports domain.

Official Statements

In a press release, Basil Bouraropoulos, the CEO of Stradigi AI said,

This partnership is an exciting one for them, too, to assure a new opportunity to work with Rooter for the platform augmentation for predictive capabilities. He added that these improvised capabilities aims at ensuring better engagement for the users of Rooter, and will eventually help them mark an exclusive position among the top leaders in the online gaming and sports market.

He then concluded with the fact that Kepler is there for enabling rapid growth through several benefits for any business with the help of its AIML-based technologies. This ensures increased data investments and enhanced value for the company as well as its customers.

Stradigi AI

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