RPM Esports, a simulation racing team of Malta, unveiled HyperX as the new sponsor for the team. With this deal, the RPM drivers will get equipped with the peripherals of HyperX and will showcase the same.

As for the RPM Esports, HyperX is the fifth of its sponsor. And it will move on to joining Student Motorsports (a non-profitable organization), GT Omega Racing (a peripheral manufacturer), GamingMalta, and World Pro Racing (an organizer of sim racing events).

In a press release, the founder and the team manager of RPM Esports, Justin Mifsud, said,

They are happy for having HyperX with the aim of ensuring peripherals for the junior and elite, all type of the drivers, and supporting them all. 

He added that with this, RPM drivers would have enhanced focus with the help of the professional level hardware. And most importantly, the professional headsets, that are especially required in sim racing. After the drivers maintain focus with the help of the pedals and the wheels, the comfortable headsets are also a must for the races that last for hours.

Justin Mifsud

About HyperX

HyperX is among the popular ones in the matter of securing the sponsoring deals with several top organizations. Recently, it aimed to expand its presence and make standing in the sim racing scene. Joining hands with World Pro Racing, it also ensured the provision of peripherals to enhance the facilities, broadcasting room services, and offices.

Moreover, in 2020, sim racing went through significant growth with the emergence of real-world-based motorsport. Also, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the top championships like IndyCar, Formula One, and NASCAR moved towards the virtual parts, ensuring the best alternative version of the competitions.

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