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The Government of Andhra Pradesh bans online games involving gambling, like Rummy and Poker. Apart from prohibiting news, the government came up with the punishment for the ones found organizing these games of up to 2 years.

Official Statement

In a press release, Perni Venkataramaiah (Nani), the state’s information minister said on Thursday,

The government of Andhra Pradesh has approved the AP Gaming Act 1974’s amendments, and is banning the online games involving gambling activities like Rummy and Poker. If caught for the very first time organizing these games after now, then there will be a punishment of about 1 year of imprisonment.

He also added that if anyone will organize such games for the second time; the punishment will rise to 2 years of imprisonment, followed by imposing a fine. Whereas, the players of these games will face six months of imprisonment as a punishment. 

Perni Venkataramaiah

Nani hence briefed the entire decision and discussion after the cabinet meeting ended, and he added that online gambling games are harmful to the youth of the society, and it is misleading them too.

Hence, to protect the youth from getting mislead and following the wrong ways, the government of Andhra Pradesh decided to ban all the online gambling games.

Online gambling games’ market thriving in lockdown

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown period in the months of 2020, in the Indian online gambling games’ market, there is a massive rise in the players involved and the revenue generated.

According to the reports and the statistics, there was a massive growth of 21% for the Indian online gaming industry during the past time of the lockdown period, and a massive part of that was with gambling games.

Main Reason

The main reason behind these steep rise and growth in its market is the effective marketing strategies followed by these games, and also the advertisement methods followed on various platforms.

Also, with the growing disruptions caused by these games, in early July 2020, there was a petition filed at the Madras High Court demanding Virat Kohli, the Indian cricketer, and actress Tamannah’s arrest for the promotions of the online gambling based games.

With the petition filed, an advocate of Chennai directed the High Court towards banning these online gambling game apps and websites. To support his statements, the advocated stated that the online gambling games are highly addictive for the youth. And these companies use the superstars like Tamannah and Virat Kohli to succeed in brainwashing the youngsters, which Indeed, a bad move!

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