Joining the IPL matches and gathering around the stadium is prohibited this year with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. However, India’s biggest cricket event, IPL, still started amid the pandemic in the UAE. Several folks across the nation and abroad glued themselves to their sofas and couches, sticking in front of their televisions to enjoy the IPL matches on TV.

Watching these matches and supporting the favorite teams and players brings in an exclusive fascination and entertainment for the cricket lovers, and enhances the cravings to move to the stadium and start with cricket predictions and cheering for the teams.

However, with the ongoing pandemic, the live thrills of watching the sports events moved to the online mode with game streaming on several TVs’ channels. With the digitalization, the market for Fantasy Gaming thrived, attracting the global user base and marking their cherished entrance in the mobile industry. Also, as unveiled by some statistical analyses, the last two years’ usage of the fantasy gaming platforms is around 60 million. From setting the games to checking the analytics, planning strategies, and predicting the matches, fantasy games ensure all the fascinations.


Among all the globally popular fantasy game platforms, Fanspole is a leading one and is India’s unique platform that is driven by the communities and provides a fine blend of social networking experience merged with fantasy gaming. Fanspole also allows creating personal gaming contests and events for the users and playing online with added commissions.

Also, Fanspole is an easy-to-use platform that ensures hassle-free experiences and eventually works towards transforming the fantasy game industry of India. Creating the contests in Fanspole is just a matter of 30 seconds, and the gameplay starts with multiplayer mode for enhanced fascinations.

Unofficial Statements

An unofficial statement from Delhi’s 22-year-old student recently joined Fanspole, six months back, and he said,

I am hooked to this app and cannot find a reason to complain about it. Unlike other applications, this one is more interactive, easy to use, and helps you make genuine earnings.

Unofficial Statements

Fanspole seeks global popularity and preference due to the facility of unlimited member access to any contests with enhanced prize structure and higher diversity in the contest. Once a competition is created, it can easily be shared with friends, family, or colleagues using any chatting application, like, Whatsapp. Further, the players can use exclusive skills for the generation of teams or can also use their excellent skills in the existing teams to compete online. And, with the help of the functionality similar to the social media platforms, the users get access to seamlessly discuss the details of the games and the contests.

In addition to all the fascinating features, another great quality of Fanspole is that it assures free-entry in the games and thus enhances the opportunities for the users to extend their aura and explore better experiences. And, with the availability of the live updates, the experiences boost up even further.

When in most of the fantasy gaming platforms, the sole concern of security sometimes gets compromised, Fanspole manages to eliminate all the security-related issues with the data encryption that is multi-level and the security of bank-grade.

More Statements

Furthermore, a telecommunication engineer also commented,

This was my introduction to fantasy gaming. Before this, I had only heard about it but never believed in its authenticity. My love for cricket only got deeper after using this app.

telecommunication engineer

Moreover, Fanspole is the one-stop solution for the folks attracted to following the post-show analysis, predicting the point-related changes, watching each game’s breakdown, and discovering the detailed statistics. And with all the embedded world-class features, Fanspole has a global registered user base of 1 million, currently.

Other Sports

Fanspole ensures the fascinations of other sports too apart from cricket-like, Free Fire, Football, Call of Duty, and a lot of other games.

Moreover, in the Covid-19 pandemic, when security comes first and meeting in the sports club or any other tea stalls for enjoying IPL with friends is not an appreciated option, the platforms like Fanspole ensures all the fascinations at home. It also ensures the right platform for the discussions over the matches and getting all the entertaining features of Cricket matches online.

By Tanya Mishra

A Writer 'All Ghillied Up' as a Gamer.

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