Acer announced slimmer and better gaming monitors

Acer, a popular PC, and electronics brand, announced adding new monitors for the gamers in its Nitro and Predator sequence. Among these laptops, the Predator ones offer better and higher-end features, and the Nitro line focuses on ensuring value and is a bit cheaper. The number of bezels in both the laptops is also lower, thus ensuring better work with a multi-monitor setup when putting them side by side.

The Predator X34 GS

The Predator X34 GS has a 34-inch, ultrawide, and curved QHD panel. Being one of those in the range of the ultrawide monitors, these are affordable than the previous models of Acer. The predator models scheduled to launch in December in the US might cost around 1,100 USD initially. This is also G-Sync compatible and has access to overlook for running at the refresh rate of 180 Hz with a lower response time of 0.5 ms. 

The 24.5-inch Predator of Acer, the gaming monitor XB253Q GW has an RGB LED strip. This strip is under the display that ensures illumination in tandem in accordance with the music’s beat or the games’ explosive situations. This display is also G-Sync compatible and is a 1080p IPS one. Furthermore, it has a refresh rate of 280 Hz and a response time of 0.5 ms. This model will release by January 2021, and the price might be 430USD.

Predator XB323U GX

Another model is the Predator XB323U GX of Acer. It is a QHD monitor with a 32-inch display, 270Hz refresh rate, and a slower response time of 0.5ms. It seamlessly covers AdobeRGB gamut’s 99% and support system for VESA DisplayHDR 600. This model is also Nvidia G-Sync compatible, just like the other models. It is set to launch in January 2021 in the US at 900 USD.

Acer also announced two nitro models for each 27-inch display, the XV272 LV and the XV272U KV. The later one has a QHD IPS panel and supports 170Hz of refresh rate and a response time of 1ms. With its launch in the US in December, it might cost 400 USD. Furthermore, the former one has a 1080p IPS panel with a 165 Hz refresh rate, and with its launch, in December, it might cost 280USD.

The launch of slim monitors from Acer might bring better gaming experiences for global gaming enthusiasts. They support unique features and have a better refresh rate, too, that will be of great benefit for the players.

By Tanya Mishra

A Writer 'All Ghillied Up' as a Gamer.

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