Atari Inc., an American publishing and subsidiary arm of Atari SA is set to launch a newer version of Atari VCS with extended access to around 100 games in November 2020. Apart from Atari, Sony is also launching the next-gen console in 2020’s November and the upcoming PS5. Additionally, XBOX will soon come up with the XBOX Series S and SBOX Series X. 

The Atari console might launch along with PlayStation 5, and here is a brief about it:


Pre-booking of Atari VCS has started, and the price selected is 389.99USD. The option of pre-booking is available on Atari’s official website, and the colors available for the product are Black walnut, Carbon Gold, and Onyx Black.


Previously, the earlier version of Atari VCS launched in 1977, and the newer version might carry an array of new features and technological advancements, as expected by the experts. The upcoming model of Atari VCS, powered by the AMD Ryzen CPU and clubbed together with AMD Radeon GPU, will soon arrive for better gaming experiences for the global folks. 

The console also has a higher memory unit of 8GB RAM, and Atari also claimed that the console supports a much higher resolution, too, i.e., 4K HDR Resolution. 

When considering the connectivity, Atari VCS has compatibility with USB 3.0, Ethernet Port, and HDMI. It also has wireless connectivity support for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and thus is the best option for remote control pairing and easier access to the internet.

The reports unveiled that the upcoming version of Atari VCS is equipped with the improvements and is better than the original one in many ways. Moreover, the Company also worked on Atari Modern Controller similar to the Xbox Controller in its appearance. 

Atari Inc.

Atari Inc. claimed that the upcoming gaming console, Atari VCS, is unique and is not similar to any other standard ones explicitly meant for gaming purposes. There is a dedicated PC mode available in Atari VCS for allowing the users to install a secondary OS, such as Windows, on any bootable device. Further, the console can then be used as the PC when not in use for playing.

Atari VCS is launching soon for global gamers, and there is a lot to expect from the console in terms of the experience that it might offer for the users. Not only gaming, but Atari VCS will also have its application for other purposes, and can also be used as a PC when not in use for playing. All the global gamers are eagerly waiting for the upcoming launches in November 2020 of Atari VCS, PlayStation 5, and Xbox series.

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