Chiefs Esports Club announces the L’Oréal Men Expert Valorant Invitational

Chiefs Esports Club, an Esports organization of Australia, added on to the popularity and success of VALORANT, with the announcement of the launch of a VALORANT tournament, in Oceania.

With the announcement, the Chiefs Esports Club also unveiled the intention to host the eight teams, included in the Invitation of L’Oŕeal Men Expert Valorant. Further, it is clear that when considering the scene of Valorant Esports, not only Western regions, but Oceania is also coming out in the front row.

The L’Oŕeal men expert Valorant invitational will play the host for the eight invited teams, and these teams will further divide into two groups of 4 teams each.

Official statements

The CEO of Chiefs esports Club, Nick Bobir, commented on the upcoming tournament, stating,

The organization wanted to run a VALORANT event for months now and are excited to finally unveil our efforts. Further building on our commitment to community events that we’ve established with the Men Expert Warzone Challenge tournaments; we decided this was a great way to support a new esports title and in particular one that we hope to soon be involved in more directly. We’ll be watching very closely for a team that we may want to recruit going into 2021.

Expected to start on 6th November 2020, in the tournament, the teams will compete initially in the robin-round on the first day, and with this, they will compete in the group stage. Further, two teams from each group will then move on to the elimination rounds. 

Now, while considering the matter of prize distribution, this event will distribute a prize pool of AU 10,000USD among the winners and five gaming PCs for enhanced gamers’ enhanced experiences. From the entire prize sum, the winner will get AU 6,000USD and five gaming PCs of Intel, the team securing the second place will receive AU 3,000USD, and the third-place securer will get 1,000USD.

Chiefs Esports Club

Several sources also unveil that the Chiefs Esports Club will involve the Oceania Valorant community in the upcoming tournament. Moreover, they will also include the broadcasting media service, Josh’ Swifty’ swift of Go Next Media, and the community casters will also have the permission to cover the game on their streaming channels.

VALORANT is the most popular and trending game these days, and the western regions are more involved in the Esports and gaming industry until now. With the emergence of the upcoming VALORANT tournament and the involvement of Oceania’s communities, Oceania is also making a stand in the global gaming and esports market. As for the tournament, the players will have a lot to unveil with the matches and get exciting experiences with astonishing rewards.

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