FACEIT announces offering the initial set of Collegiate sports

FACEIT, a prominent tournament organizer, announces offering of the initial set of collegiate esports, expected to arrive as soon as possible, probably by the coming month. The set of collegiate esports has a combined prize pool of 55,000 USD for multiple competitions across the blockbuster games like VALORANT, League of Legends, and Counter-Strike-Global Offensive. Further, the teams will come together participating in North America.


The organizer already has a present momentum in the scholars’ area that consists of a new branch for the collegiate esports launched recently by Duran Parsi, the former Collegiate StarLeague. And, the upcoming event might also build on the same momentum of FACEIT

Additionally, there are multiple partners in the portfolio of the collegiate division of FACEIT, like the United Collegiate Esports Association and Ubisoft, the Rainbow Six Seige developer. And as for now, they host the competitions on the platform of FACEIT that are varsity-leveled. 

Official statements

Further, the head of the FACEIT’s collegiate esports branch, Duran Parsi, commented on the latest announcement of the addition of tournaments,

The North American leagues are only the beginning, and we have many more plans involving schools and esports collegiate clubs around the world to help provide resources and a platform to support their own internal events to help grow gaming communities on campus. The collegiate scene is an important component for the whole competitive ecosystem, and we are looking forward to starting these new programs within three of the most exciting esports circuits in North America.

Duran Parsi

The initial stage of CS: GO will be the Premier League, 25,000 USD cash prize allocates to that, and 5,000USD allocates to the second –division of CS: GO, i.e., Contenders League. A release also unveiled that the fixture might offer “new opportunities to the North American community of 500,000 [Counter-Strike] players competing every month on FACEIT.

What’s More

Then, the team from across China and the US will compete at a regional level having several qualifiers of the state levels and the invitationals during the invitational series of League of Legends. The winners from this level will then move on to the regional brackets level, with each receiving a prize amount of 5,000 USD and an exclusive chance to compete in the Collegiate finals of FACEIT for the prize pool share of 10,000 USD.

Premier League of VALORANT

The Premier League of VALORANT will also have a similar format to the Counter-strike circuit, with an offering of 10,000USD as the prize money. There will also be a lower division for the Riot Game’s “casual fans” for the first-person shooter’s gaming genre.

FACEIT is the dominant one among the competitive gaming communities and links to years of event production. It includes the FACEIT Pro League, a series of Esports championship, and the Quake Pro League. 

This prominent game organizer has extended its relationship with the top game publishers, like Riot Games, Microsoft, and Ubisoft. With these partnerships, the organizer gets support for hosting the competitive games for League of Legends, Halo, and Rainbow Six Siege.

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