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Freaks 4U Gaming, a popular production company, and a marketing agency has struck a strategic collaboration with Shikenso Analytics, a top analytics firm, for analyzing the sponsorship and other marketing materials for the German regional League of Riot Games, Prime League.

Further, this recent partnership might work with the Prime League’s sponsors for analyzing and optimizing the marketing content that they sponsored.

A release also unveiled that with the relationship, Shikenso might conduct the targeted analysis of the sponsored content, intending to provide a detailed, quantitative, and qualitative measurement. Further, Freaks 4U Gaming and the Prime League might also use the data and analysis to establish a proof of concept to sponsor the league’s marketability and check on how the sponsored content can be optimized for the fans.

Moreover, on multiple streaming platforms, there will be a broadcast of the data collection and analysis measures, and it will also live broadcast on the social media channels associated with the Prime League.

Official Statements

On the recent partnership deal, the Freaks 4U Gaming’s commercial Vice President, Marco Niemann, specified that,

Trust and transparency are vital components of building and maintaining relationships with our high-class brand partners. With the ongoing success of Prime League and more major brands joining our vision in building a sustainable eco-system within the German-speaking region it is clearly our goal to show the value of our partnerships. With Shikenso we found an independent partner who will support this with reliable and data-driven analyses and identify how best to engage with our passionate fan base.

Marco Niemann

Furthermore, the ERL Lead of Riot Games, Franz Streckhardt, also looks forward to having better outcomes from this partnership, and he also commented,

The Prime League already managed to level up the competition and the live production during the first year. By doing so, the league attracted more viewers and teams and established itself within the German-speaking and European League of Legends esports. This growth extends our expectations and needs to be re-evaluated from every possible angle. Shikenso offers an innovative and cooperative approach that will be crucial to define the worth of the Prime League inventory.

Franz Streckhardt

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