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Global Esports federation announces a major update that they are three prominent developers Capcom, Konami, and Sega, to its associate developers’ portfolio. With this announcement and deal, three of them become the first set of developers joining up the Federation, and with this, they hope to get better credibility and attract more developers to join the Federation.

Before the recent deal, Global Esports Federation only had a few sports associations like Surfing, and Archery added up in their portfolio. These two also didn’t have much involvement with the esports industry. With the addition of the trio developers recently, they have the availability of beneficial associations in Esports, and mainly with the Capcom, as it enhances their portfolio with its Capcom Pro Tour.

Official Statements

The President of Global Esports, Chris Chan, commented on the establishment and associations of Global Esports Federation,

Nine months ago, the Global Esports Federation was established with a collective ambition to convene the world’s esports community. Our mission is to bring together the diverse stakeholders on one, global, inclusive platform. As we have grown, we have continued to listen and adapt. We acknowledge the fundamental importance of the world’s publishers and developers, and welcome Capcom, Konami, and Sega as members of the GEF and the PDAC. We look forward to continuing the GEF’s initiatives for the development of esports and setting the path for an even brighter future, together.

Chris Chan

However, as with Sega, there was no more significant presence in the Esports industry. Additionally, recently it announced the resurrection of Virtua Fighter with the minds of esports and the publishing of Puyo Puyo Esports, but that is all that Sega has to exhibit. 

On the other hand, Konami has a Konami that develops Pro Evolution Soccer that is a larger Esport in Europe and Japan for many years. With the emergence of FIFA, a large scale of Konami’s market is dominated by it in Europe.

Other Statements from the heads of the joining trio:

The President and Representative Director of Capcom Co. Ltd., Haruhiro Tsujimoto, exhibited the company’s excitement in the deal, stating,

Esports has been experiencing explosive growths in recent years, yet the ecosystem is still fairly fragmented. Capcom is excited to join the Global Esports Federation to convene esports stakeholders and jointly develop a sustainable pathway for the future development of esports globally, bringing even more people together through a collective vision onto one inclusive platform.

Haruhiro Tsujimoto

Further, the President and Representative Director of Konami Digital Entertainment Co. Ltd., Hideki Hayakawa, also added a statement over the recent deal,

The world is taking note and collectively we are witnessing the tremendous growth of esports on a global scale. Konami is honored to join the Global Esports Federation, and together, we work towards accelerating the understanding and acceptance of the benefits, possibilities, and enjoyment that esports brings to billions of people around the world.

Hideki Hayakawa

Sega Group Corporation’s Chairman, Hideki Okamura, also commented on the deal,

Esports is exciting, infinitely promising and rapidly growing – the potential for growth is immense. Sega shares the same collective vision with the Global Esports Federation, to harness the benefits of technology for good, and to explore new opportunities particularly where sport meets esports; elevating the future of esports, bringing the global community together.

Hideki Okamura

The End line:

Moreover, since several Esports Associations are available across the globe, with the emergence of a newer organization without the developers’ support and assistance, neither the public nor the developers take them seriously. And this is due to the lower credibility and a sense of the outside attack on the sector. Well, for the Global Esports federation also suffered the same, and to attract more developers in its aura, even the smaller ones like Sega and Konami need to ensure some credence for them with the other developers and the audience. Thus, it aims to attract pro players and become the leading voice in the global Esports industry.

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