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Houston Outlaws, a team of Overwatch League, is pivoting ahead amid the COVID-19 pandemic to extends its portfolio while adding more strategic partnerships and critical hiring. All these deals began when Beasley Media Group acquired it previously in December 2019. 

Recently, with the energy giant of North America, NRG, and the brand Reliant Energy, the Housten Outlaws signed the exclusive sponsorship deals. Several sources and chief officers had other discussions on the “powerful” alliances after the recent deals.

Official Statements

Further, the Beasley Esports’ Chief Operating Officer, Lori Burgess, commented on NRG and the sponsorship deal, stating,

NRG is a huge player in the Texas market, where energy is [roughly 85%] deregulated and has a huge presence here in Houston. They sponsor several major sports teams in the state. [NRG] had been interested in esports and trying to wrap their arms around it. They came to our Homestand event on February 29th and March 1st and were intrigued by the Outlaws.

Lori Burgess

With the deregulation of the Energy, Texas transforms into a competitive market that increases its pressure on Reliant for standing out with the consumers. And a fantastic way to accomplish the same is by attracting the young Gen Y and Z gamers, who venture independently.

Houston Outlaws and NRG

The agreement between Houston Outlaws and NRG inspires NRG to offer an entire plan that is Reliant secure Advantage 18. The signing members of the deal also received 1 Reliant Visa Prepaid Card, worth 100 USD. Also, Mr. Burgess unveiled that more pieces of the partnership will come out shortly.

Further, Mr. Burgess commented on their consumers’ expectations,

The real goal for them is to capture younger consumers. It’s a right of passage to get their first apartment and sign up for electricity to buy their first home. [We want them to say] I have choices in the state of TX and why wouldn’t it be a Reliant choice

They really feel like the younger consumer is the one to go after [since] they don’t already have the brand loyalty and predisposition to favor an electricity vendor. NRG is heavily vested in this market. I also think a division of the company is doing incredible work in the environmental and green space so it really felt like a great partnership. The first section of our partnership is we want people to reach out, learn more about electricity, sign up, and get a gift as positive reinforcement. The second piece, which is super exciting, is a sweepstake where consumers can enter to win to be a part of a content experience with Houston Outlaws.

Lori Burgess

What’s More

Earlier, on August 13th, 2020, 10 of the top sweepstakes players who won received a token for the Overwatch game. These sweepstakes and Houston Outlaws also came together for a private video meeting and greeting opportunity. Reliant hosted the event, and then a video was also created for publishing on the official channel of YouTube.

Indeed, the energy providers were not the active participants in the market of Esports industry. But, since last year, Royal Dutch Shell entered the Esports industry with an extended sponsorship for the DACH Premier Tour and the series of League of Legends European Championship (LEC) for Riot games. In 2018, DreamHack also entered into an exclusive deal with Fortum, a Nordic Power firm.

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