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NAG Studios, a game development studio of Sweden, has received 1 million USD in the investments through the pre-seeding round. London Venture Partners led the investment’s early-stage round, and the other top firms were also part of the same.

Finally, the raised funds got invested in Playfish, Unity, and Supercell. Further, with the raised capital, NAG Studios plans on adding more game developers to its portfolio to “alter the course of competitive gaming & Esports and build a role model studio in both development culture and brand.

Official Statements

In a press release, the London Ventures Partners’ General partner, Are Mack Grown, commented on the plan and decision,

Competitive multiplayer games are the backbone of the modern, online gaming industry, and have pushed games into mainstream culture as the dominant media form. Peter and Johan bring complementary backgrounds and unique insights – each having intimate knowledge of competitive games, their development, and community – to provide the next generation of competitive gaming entertainment. Their total entertainment concept and community approach set them apart from anything we’ve seen in the space.

Are Mack Grown

NAG Studios also received some capital from Antler, an early-stage venture capitalist, apart from the London Venture Partners. Additionally, the main advisor of the Studio is Emil “Heaton,” Christensen, the founder of Ninjas in Pyjamas.

What’s More

The CEO and the Co-founder of NAG Studios, Peter Stahl, further added,

This opportunity, to merge 40+ years of AAA game-making experience with deep expertise & network of competitive gaming professionals, is incredibly unique and strong. We aim to build competitive games with a novel format, like a digital super bowl that is as exciting to watch as it is to play. Today’s gamers aren’t just playing anymore. They are also watching. Streamers are the new superstars, but games are still only built to be played. Together with streaming and gaming professionals integrated into the studio, the game is to be truly made for the new gaming culture.

Peter Stahl

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