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Osmo launches a gaming series with educational games of Math Wizard for engaging the kids to learn mathematics as per their learning-pace. With this, the parents get an assurance that the Pandemic will not hinder their kids’ education.

As specified by Pramod Sharma, the CEO of Osmo, amid the COVID-19 Pandemic, the country’s children stay at home with the fall semester, which leads to parents worrying about their kids’ education and performance in the main subjects. He also added a need for some less frightening Maths lessons, and Osmo assures the same.

Official Statements

In a press release, Mr. Sharma also unveiled how Osmo’s ownership shifted from a California-based company to the one owned by an Indian unicorn Byju. He then revealed,

The newer educational curriculum release exclusively seeking inspiration from the Math Wizard series for the kids of age 6 to 8 years. This has a facility of interesting mathematics teaching with narrative, fun, and hands-on games driven by adventurous activities to ensure a better learning module for kids. With this, the children will also have the accessibility to learn by manipulating, touching, and experimenting with the concepts.

As soon as we closed our acquisition about 18 months ago, this was a big thing we decided to do. It is a much larger task. The goal is for kids from kindergarten to third grade to learn math at their own pace. We are starting with two products right now.

Pramod Sharma

With this exclusively self-paced learning module, the kids get a higher confidence level and understand everything deeply and perfectly. Additionally, through these newly offered games, the kids have the accessible feature to pick up the objects, arrange them in front of their device, and let the Osmo app recognize it with the help of a mirror and the camera. Later, the Osmo software gives the result based on its analyses of the picture, and with these manipulating images, there is an enhanced engagement for the kids.

What’s More

About the benefits of Osmo’s game, Mr. Sharma vocalized,

We’re trying to provide a lot of physical artifacts or elements that reflect those concepts. And then we connect them with a digital world. It is difficult to grasp the concepts. But when you hold it with your hand, it’s much easier. That is a founding principle of everything we do. We don’t want kids to feel like this is part of their school.

Mr. Sharma

He also considers this a new learning mechanic, named “phygital” as it is a combination of physical and digital learning. Also, since 2013, this unique mode is the foundation block behind all the developments of Osmo. Furthermore, Osmo reached millions of kids with these games by combining their physical and digital worlds for enhanced learning. Now, these products of Osmo are already utilized across 30,000 classrooms all over the US, and also in 2.5 million + homes.

Benefits of these games in relieving stress and anxiety:

Like mathematics, these major subjects create a lot of stress and anxiety for all parents, students, and teachers. Research also revealed that 50% of elementary schools, 20% adults of the US, and 25% of teachers get stress and anxiety due to mathematics, and this might also start for the kids even from the kindergarten itself.

Additionally, the Maths Wizard games help eradicate the anxiety and stress by making the learning more joyful and exciting in an exclusive learning environment with less horrifying methods.

Today, two titles of the maths wizard series launches, which are Secrets of Dragons and Magical Workshop, are exclusively designed for students of 1st and 2nd grades between 6 and 8 years.

Magical workshop

In Magical workshop, which is available exclusively for Fire and iPad at 60 USD at Amazon.com and playosmo.com, there is an adventure for addition and subtraction problems where the kids use the mechanics of brewing portions dragon claws and sparkling the dust for the master place value method. Later, by counting the balloons, the kids will help the dragons to fly. Finally, with this game, the kids can learn counting the objects by creating the portions or flying on the magical broom.

In Secrets of the Dragon, available for the same devices at the same cost and through the same platforms, kids gain expertise in measurements by exploring the Dragon reserve and the remaining biomes. The kids will also have the role of dragon scouts who will discover newer dragons, feed them, and measure them. Merit badges are provided to the kids as they become the master scouts.

Now, the other two releases will come by March 2021, and Mr. Sharma also unveiled: “We will continue to add to the series. Our goal is to have about 12 to 14 products, and about 40 different games over the next 18 months.

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