Talon Esports, an Esports organization of Hong Kong, announced bagging 2 million USD from the seed round to bolster growth in the Asia Pacific. Sean Zhang and Jarrold Tham founded Talon esports recently in 2017. Its teams compete globally in the top Esports events like Street Fighter V, Tekken 7, Clash Royale, Overwatch, Rainbow 6, League of Legends, and Arena of Valor

In June 2020, Talon Esports also joined hands with Paris Saint-German, a French football club’s Esports arm. Furthermore, with the deal, it experienced the formation of the League of legends team, PSG Talon, and that then qualified for the World Championship in 2020. Additionally, Talon Esports also won 2020’s Spring Split of Pacific Championship Series and represented PCS in Shanghai for the Worlds 2020, as PSG Talon.

During the funding round, all the involved investors were: EMC Capital, Widus Strategic Investments, New Wave Esports Corporation, Gavekal Family, Sprout Investments, Animoca Brands, Hana ventures, HZL Capital, and Felix LaHaye (Esports marketing agency United Esports’s founder). And from all the involved investors, Hana ventures lead the investment in the seeding round.

The organization expects to expand its organization’s lifestyle value from the raised funds while developing in the newer countries and the competitive titles. 

Official statements:

The CEO and the Co-founder of Talon Esports, Sean Zhang, commented on the success of Talon Esports,

Since being founded in 2017 we have seen Talon grow from competing in local competitions to making it onto the biggest stage of esports: the League of Legends World Championship. We can’t afford to slow down and with the seed funding we will look to enter new markets and explore lifestyle and fashion opportunities and build a brand that pushes the boundaries of performance and imagination.

Sean Zhang

Hana Ventures

Hana Ventures is an investment arm of the popular Hana Financial Groups, which is the leading one across Korea, and its Director and Global Investment’s Head Henry Choi commented over the seeding round of investment for Talon Esports,

We are very excited to embark on this journey with Talon. The team’s strong focus on growth, combined with the rising demand and interest for e-sports in Asia, will make Talon one of the prominent leaders. We look forward to supporting Talon by bringing our e-sports knowledge from Korea as well.

Furthermore, Widus Partners’ Partner and Principal Investment’s head, Jason Park, stated,

Talon’s cross border aspirations in Asia mirror our own goals of breaking down borders and cross-pollinating innovation across markets. We look forward to working closely with Talon’s experienced management team by not only investing but also providing strategic value to help foster Talon’s ambition of becoming the number one esports franchise in Asia.

Jason Park

United Esports also participated in the investment, and its CEO Felix LaHaye commented on the inspiration for the investment, stating,

Upon meeting with Sean and Jarrold, and having them meticulously explain their vision for Talon, it was an obvious choice for United Esports to invest in Talon, providing great synergies to both of our teams, and expending our mutual reach globally.

Felix LaHaye

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