WIN, a popular Esports group with multiple extensions, has signed an exclusive marketing partnership deal with HypeLife Brands, a Startup marketing agency functioning globally since 2001.

HypeLife Brands

HypeLife Brands, a Southern California-based marketing agency, works for the development of the brands. It helps the D2C and B2C clients to have better engagement with the Millennials. Also, the company previously worked with other famous firms like HUDL Music


On the other hand, WIN presently offers three different services, all dedicated to the Esports sector, and these services range from media to betting. is the Esports media platform of the company; it publishes the written contents and the news and the database of Esports’ schedules and live scores. 

Another branch of WIN is “Winners league”; it is a service based on competitive esports competitions. Further, the last service of WIN is is a betting database of Esports championships, and it allows the public to have access to the bookmaker reviews and to track the bonus.

WIN Services

All the three services of WIN provide many benefits and access to the crucial dataset for the global folks, and during the partnership, all three services might seek equal attention and get utilized. Since both the firms, HypeLife Brands and WIN, seek to develop more significant opportunities for collaborations between the Esports teams and brands, the complete utilization of all their services is mandatory.

With the exclusive deal, the gap between the Esports world and the brands intending to target the Esports and gaming industry for higher customer acquisition will soon vanish.

In a release, The Founder and CEO of HypeLife Brands, Curt Cuscino, said,

Both WIN and HypeLife Brands’ end goal is to find ways to help each other expand our prospective target markets for our clients large and small who are looking for guidance in the extremely unique, insanely fast-moving esports space.

Curt Cuscino

Adding his views to the above statements, the CEO of WIN, Serge Vardanyan, said,

At WIN, we’re always looking to work with the best partners in each industry. HypeLife Brands fits that billing, and we’re very excited about the future of this partnership together.

Curt Cuscino

This deal between WIN and HypeLife Brands is an excellent opportunity for the global Esports brands to engage with the significant Esports teams. Furthermore, with this, WIN will have access to the best marketing tactics, and HypeLife will have the opportunity to expand its reach, targeting the global gaming audience.

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