After Tamil Nadu, Karnataka Govt deliberates banning online gaming

Tamil Nadu Government, recently announced certain steps for banning online gaming platforms based on real money-based games and prizes. A day after this decision, the Karnataka government also announced the need to ban online gambling games across the state.

Presently, Mr. B. S. Yediyurappa leads the Karnataka government. The state’s government is now all set to finalize the decision after reviewing the similar ones taken by some other states.

Official Statement

In a press release, the Home Minister of Karnataka, Basavaraj Bommai, said,

A meeting of high level officers has been held regarding online games. Common people have been troubled, youngsters are being misguided and families distressed. We have received complaints from parents as well, so we are trying to bring regulation laws regarding online games.

Basavaraj Bommai

The Karnataka Government is also considering whether to go for partial regulations or the complete prohibition of online gambling platforms.

Mr. Bommai also added to his statements: “We will shortly come up with our own law after referring to regulations in other states. Certainly, there will be total control. Whether prohibition or regulation, will be decided once we get all laws from different states and study them.” 

Previously, the government of Tamil Nadu promulgated the edict to “ban online gaming,” including betting. The action occurred as a response to the suicides of several gamers across the state who allegedly lost huge sums of money.

The promulgated ordinance by the Governor, Banwarilal Purohit, provides the provisions and regulations including “banning the persons who are wagering or betting in cyber space using computers or any communication device or resource,” as unveiled by a release from Raj Bhawan.

Gaming Post: With the surge in online games, the usage and releases on many real money based gaming platforms and online gambling games are also rising. Due to these applications, the nation-wide users often lose a huge sum of money and face severe losses. To avoid such situations and protect the states’ residents, several state governments are coming up with certain rules to partially or completely ban these apps.

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