Epic Games unveils Fortnite Marvel Super Cup with a magnanimous prize pool of a Million

Epic Games is all geared up for bringing the biggest esports events, all exclusive for this year. The event will include a whopping prize pool worth a million dollars and all the champions’ popularity. The event is named as Fortnite Marvel Super Cup, will occur in November 2020, soon after the Venom Cup competition’s wind up. The winners of the Venom Cup will get exclusive access to the unlocked Venom skin before everyone else.

Fortnite Venom Cup:

Fortnite Venom Cup, scheduled for 18th November 2020, will give all the eligible global players a fantastic chance of unlocking the Venom Skin before the rest of the global users. Additionally, the event winners will also get the Nexus Glider along with the Black Window Cup Events and the Ghost Rider events. Fortnite Venom Cup is part of the Marvel Knockout Super Series, and it will offer the winners a tremendous reward of early access to emote, back bling, and the pickaxe of the Venom.

Epic Game will offer the players two chances of unlocking the skin, and the second attempt will go live a few hours after the end of the first one. Both attempts will occur on 18th November 2020. The competition might also involve the Marvel Knockout mode, as unveiled by some trusted sources. The Marvel Knockout mode is a Duo gaming mode where the superheroes fight to use different superpowers.

Fortnite Super Cup:

After the end of the venom cup, Epic will also hold 1 million USD Super Cup on 21st November 2020. This event is the final wrap up for the Marvel Super Series events of Epic Games. For all the event’s eligible gamers, there will be an exclusive opportunity to team up with one partner and compete together for the prize pool, which will then divide among the winners.

The gaming event will turn out to be a battle royale duo match and have some extraordinary powers for the gamers, including the cap of 200 per item and a limit of 20 items provided on the elimination. The main aim of Epic games with this is to reduce the building presence in the events.

For the non-participating candidates, there is a facility to live watch the ongoing tournaments on the YouTube and Twitch channels of Fortnite.

How to play the 1 million USD Super cup?

On 21st November 2020, a newer competition tab will pop up in the main menu of Fortnite. The gamers’ accounts registered with the 2-Factor-Authentication, and having a level score above 30 will directly enter the mix.

To jump through, the game offers no qualifiers and hoops, and the gamers are required to enter the event from the menu. Further, they will soon set for competing for the prize pool worth 1 million USD.

Fortnite Super Cup format:

The Super Cup event divides into two separate rounds. In the first round, thousands of teams will compete with each other and secure a spot among the top players of the leaderboard. 

In each of the Super Cup event phases, the Duo teams will have three hours each to play a total of 10 games. Points of all the games will then add up depending on the total number of eliminations and placements. After the end of the first round, most competing duos will knock out of the tournament, and only the top 1000 from Brazil, Europe, NA East, and NA West, and 500 from ME, Asia, and OCE regions will qualify for the second round.

Further, round two’s selected teams will then compete for the Super Cup prize pool worth 1 million USD.

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