MPL signs an exclusive deal to be the kit sponsors of the Indian Cricket team

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MPL (Mobile Premier League), founded in September 2018 in Bengaluru, India, is a popular mobile esports platform of the nation. In this, the users can come together for competing in multiple skill-based games and mobile tournaments, and then they can earn the real money-based prizes. 

The famous Indian Cricketer Virat Kohli is the brand ambassador of the online firm MPL. In addition, with the deal, the company might also have its logo and designs crafted on the shirts of the Indian teams of IPL.

Now, the Sports Accessories and Apparel brand of MPL will come forward, sponsoring the new kit of the Indian Cricket team members. With this latest revelation, MPL will now replace Nike as the kit sponsor.

Mobile Premier League

Today, on 2nd November 2020, Mobile Premier League signed an exclusive deal with the Indian Cricket’s Board of Control. Moreover, the agreement is a three-year-long sponsorship agreement worth 120 crore INR. With the partnership, apart from the kit sponsorship, MPL will also provide a revenue share for BCCI.

The sources unveiled more facts about the deal, including that it was a negotiated one and did not involve any bidding. MPL won the sponsorship agreement, but other prominent firms were also interested in that, including Dream 11 Sports, Puma, and Proline.

Official Statements

A prominent spokesperson said in a release,

MPL is focusing on bringing the best gaming experience to its fans online through our app, and we are extending that to the offline space through our exclusive range of merchandise including apparel and accessories.

A spokesperson

With this exclusive deal, MPL will have a fantastic marketing opportunity and get the best advertisement by reflecting over the kit of the Indian teams of IPL. Furthermore, with the deal, the BCCI will get the best kit sponsors for the teams and get the partnership’s revenue shares.

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