PUBG India Returns as they are now a registered company in India

PUBG Corporation recently annouced that they will return back and will take serious efforts to ensure the security enhancement and data handling measures. Now, moving towards the plan, PUBG Mobile India officially registered as a Company and named two India directors for the branch. The entire measure occurred with assistance from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Since its release, PUBG Mobile witnessed excessive growth and admiration, and the user acquisition rapidly rose for the title with each passing day. Among the Battle Royal gaming titles, PUBG Mobile is known to be a leader and one of the most popular mobile games globally.

Across India, too, the game has a vast user base, and all of its fans got crushed with the ban of the title from the nation. Soon, PUBG Corporation came up with the announcement to release the Indian version of the game and let its Indian fans have all the fun continuously going on. With the announcement, the nation-wide fans got the best reason to celebrate the blockbuster title’s comeback.

PUBG Corporation also announced that it would establish a firm’s subsidiary office in the nation for an effective return of the game with the highest security assurance.

Now, with the news of PUBG India finally registering as a Company, the firm seems to have made a good statement.

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More about the registration and the two Directors:

On 21st November 2020, PUBG India registered as a Company in the nation, unveiled by some top resources. The firm registered as a Company in Bengaluru, Karnataka, where soon the new office will set up.

Here is the post unveiling it all about the Company’s registration:

The two directors named for the Indian Subsidiary are:
  1. Kumar Krishnan Iyer – He also serves as the Director for many other Companies.
  2. Hyunil Sohn – He also serves as the Corporate Development’s Head at KRAFTON Inc., the parent firm of PUBG Corporation.

With the news, the nation-wide fans expect an early release of the title.

On the official Social media handles and the official Youtube Channel, PUBG Corporation released the teaser of the Indian version of PUBG Mobile. Yet, the official release date of the blockbuster title’s Indian version is not unveiled by the authorities. Players can regularly check the website, YouTube Channel, and other Social media handles of PUBG Mobile India to stay updated.

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