PVR Cinemas ties up with Indian Accelerator for Mentoring the M&E Start-ups

PVR Cinemas, the popular Multiplex chain operator has tied up with Indian accelerator for mentoring the start-ups working in M&E (Media and Entertainment) sector. As an ideal part of the partnership deal, both the firms will combine offer an exclusive accelerator program of a total of sixteen weeks for a cohort of around 5 to 7 beginner start-ups. The program will cover up the areas of ticket booking, movie viewing, and other supporting areas of funding.

All the selected start-ups for the program will have access to the business and technological infrastructure of PVR-IA. They will also get PVR’s mentoring and opportunities for network building, beginning from the demo day that many top Venture Capitalists, mentors, corporates, and other top partners will attend.

Official Statements

In a press release. the managing director and the founder of India Accelerator, Ashish Bhatia, said

There are lots of unidentified and unexplored gaps in the movie-watching experience right from selecting the right show and ticket booking to watching the film and coming back. This is where innovative start-ups can bring changes by increasing efficiency in existing operations.

The partnership is looking forward to the start-ups working in the cinema sector or movie theatre-based events, gaming, classroom, planning, scheduling, booking, conference. It is also open for the firms providing movie based quizzes and videos and other gaming platforms for building a better engagement opportunity with the top fans, actors, and communities in cinema based shopping, customer analytics, and in-video advertising.

Moreover, the PVR’s Chief Strategy Officer, Kamal Gianchandani further concluded,

Businesses need to pivot in these changing times. It’s more so for the media and entertainment sector. PVR, through the accelerator program, is in search of ideas or technologies which can improve and revolutionize the movie-going experience, making it unique and friction-less. We need to add value to our capacity building along with optimizing our resources in these challenging times. Given the track record of India Accelerator in flourishing meaningful start-ups, we are looking forward to a strongly positive outcome.

Kamal Gianchandani

What’s More?

With the program, there will also be an appointment of one execution and selection board comprising several firms’ representatives. These representatives will be responsible for the workouts and management of timelines set for sourcing, onboarding, acceleration, and screening of the start-ups.

The representatives’ board will also look after the mentoring and ensure that the start-ups meet the verticals’ prior selected growth range and promotion and marketing.

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