Riot Games inaugirates the latest Champion for League of Legends

Riot Games has introduced a newer Champion for League of Legends. The upcoming Champion will be the 153rd for the game and is named Rell, The Iron Maiden.

Several developers of the popular title, League of legends, have been releasing the upcoming tanky support champion’s teasers. The entire community of League of Legends searched for the clues and hints for the new Champion through the dev posts, and now it seems that most of what the fans searched is correct.

More about Rell, The Iron Maiden:

The official handle of League of legends has a post unveiling more about rell:

There are several abilities of Rell in League of legends, as mentioned below in the lane.

Passive – Break the Mold

Rell slowly attacks the target and temporarily steals some portions of the Armor and Magic resist of her target. This is all to deal with the bonus damages on the stolen amount. Also, Rell can siphon resistance from multiple foes of different kinds to grow extremely tanky at times.

Q Ability: Shattering Strike

Rell also stabs the targets with her lance, and with it, she can break any shields and damage all the enemies’ hits. If, in some scenarios, Rell has the ally bound with E: Attract and repel, she, along with the ally, can recover health for each of the hits by the ability.

W Ability 1 – Ferromancy: Crash Down

When mounted, Rell leaps and transforms the mount into a heavy armor. With it, she gains a huge shield which will last until destroyed or she remounts. Then on landing, she can knock up all the enemies around her. She can also cast the E and R while the change occurs.

W Ability 2 – Ferromancy: Mount Up

When armored, Rell can rush forwards to transform her armor into a mount. This will help her in gaining a burst of higher movement speed. Further, during the next attack, she can charge her target for dealing with the bonus damages and then flip them over the shoulder.

E Ability – Attract and Repel

Rell could magnetically bind some piece of her armor to target the allied champions and grant them bonus armors and magic resists whenever nearby. Rell can also recast the spells for breaking the bind and knock out all the enemies around her and between her and her ally.

R Ultimate Ability: Magnet Storm

Rell can also erupt in the magnetic fury to pull the nearby enemies towards her. She can then create a gravitational field around, pulling the nearby enemies in for some seconds. The field does not interrupt the other actions of her enemies.


Having a look at her abilities, it is evident that she might be a good counter for many of the tank characters in League of legends matches. Additionally, her ultimate is extremely excellent CC AOE ability that might also synergize with several champions like Samira, Orianna, Diana, and Kennen. Rell also seems to have greater fighting potential.

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