Volvo is employing gaming technology to work on the security of cars

Volvo cars has come up with a simulators, based on mixed reality for using the latest gaming technology and mechanic to discover the newer insights in the matter of autonomous and safer driving technologies.

Volvo Group

Volvo Group is a top multinational manufacturing firm, based out of Sweden. The core activity of the firm is production and distribution of buses, trucks, and other construction equipment. Volvo also deals with the supplies of industrial and marine drive systems and other financial services.

The setup includes a driving seat, crystal clear VR headsets, and a steering wheel with haptic feedback. In short, it has everything that gaming enthusiasts will surely be excited about. The simulator present also makes the differentiation between simulation and reality a bit harder.

At present, The simulator provides several experiences including driving an actual car on the roads, combining reality-based HD 3D graphics and interface, a best AR headset, and a Telasuit for the complete body to provide feedback from the reaction between the body and the virtual world and monitors.

This exclusive technology also helps the engineers of Volvo to stimulate the traffic scenarios based on an actual test track road and meanwhile using a real car while ensuring total safety. The insights and analysis of interactions between the car and the people are incredibly crucial for the development of a newer safety, autonomous, driver assistance-based driving features.

The Mixed reality simulator of Volvo used for the safety of the car: 

Moreover, the Engineers of simulator might be exposed to some imaginary driver assistance and active and enhanced safety features. They might also get some upcoming autonomous drivers’ interface, newer and future-based car models, and several other customizable scenarios. The senior leader of User Experience at the Open Innovation Arena of Volvo, Casper Wickman, also said that this would also ensure that the Volvo cars could study several human interactions in a safer environment and at a lower cost than the real tests.

Additionally, Volvo became the first Car maker making it possible to drive real cars while wearing the extended reality-based headsets. Now, the company also expanded the collaborations for including Unity, a 3D game development engine, and the Teslasuit, the maker of full-body haptic suits.

The development of safety systems for the cars has always been a concerning scenario for Carmakers, like having technologies for avoiding collision, which requires more testing. But, it is perilous to test these systems in the real world, and it might also be more expensive and time-consuming. Thus, the Virtual and extended reality simulations make it safer and easier to test the environments.

Official Statements

The company recently released an official blog describing its need for such a setup. The blog stated,

When developing safety systems for cars, like collision-avoiding technologies, testing is crucial. But testing these systems, in reality, can be dangerous, time-consuming and expensive. Virtual and mixed reality simulations, however, allow for perfectly safe testing in authentic environments, without having to build any physical prototypes or set up complex scenarios.

Official Statement

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